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Why do people hate Texas so much?

Asked by hopscotchy (552points) March 14th, 2010

I am a Texas native and have recently come across a lot of anti-Texas propaganda. (Much of it coming from bloggers who have never physically been here.) I understand opposition to the overwhelmingly republican political views, but lately I’ve seen it go even deeper to assume Texas a stinking pot of white supremacy with 0 tolerance. Sure, it exists here, but it exists everywhere. Furthermore, Texas has a 50% minority population. So, I just don’t get it. Could y’all help me understand?

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Why do people in Texas hate California so much?
These things are all based off stereotypes which are not accurate.
I don’t hate Texas.

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Bush is from there? Some people dont like cowboys? More executions of criminals than any other state? I have no opinion on Texas, because I’ve never been there…but I could see some people hating Texas for those reasons.

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I love Texas and once considered moving there :)

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I don’t think Canadians hate Texas for the most part.

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Death penalty.
The heat.
And let’s face it, the shape of that state is kinda silly.

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When I worked a Clinic in MS, a girl came in and made a couple racist remarks to a black guy I was working the desk with. I almost missed them, she said it in such a calm, even tone of voice. I took her outside and educated her about racism and how it is not tolerated in uniform, got her particulars and sent her to apoligize to my co-worker.
He told me later that he was already going to let it pass because he knew she was from east Texas, and “that’s just how they are there.”
Then, there’s that whole thing about wanting to not be part of the United States any more. Or did I dream that? Seems like I heard that a while ago, but I’m not a reliable source.
I’m only speculating as to why. I never heard any anti Texas sentiment.
I visited a couple times, but being a Michigan girl, I found the heat to be too much. I got the sunburn of my life at South Padre Island. Nice place otherwise.

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I just read an article about you state board of education rewriting history and social studies standards to better reflect their vision of a white Christian America.

That and George Bush.

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Haven’t they seceded yet? Do they need help packing?

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It takes two days to drive across.

The landscape is like from “The Hills Have Eyes”.

Nightime fast food restaurants and gas/mini marts are scary- it’s a scene out of a zombie flick.

The size of belt buckles there make most cars insecure.

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I don’t hate Texas. I’ve heard nothing but good about Austin. I just don’t think it would be a good place for me in general, you know, being gay and liberal and all. Austin maybe, but the majority of Texas, no.

I hear plenty of shit about California and Nevada too. Everyone in Nevada is a prostitute, it’s all desert, it’s “no place” to raise a family (it’s where I was raised). California is full of Lady Gagas (she’s from New York, you know) and everyone has plastic surgery and is superficial and phony. L.A. maybe, but not most of California. ;)

Every state has its assumptions made about it. It’s just that when a whole state is associated with conservatism, most non-conservatives are not going to like it very much.

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@Mamradpivo yes that is happening and it is terrifying . The education community here is overall enraged at the whole thing. I’m glad it’s getting so much local and national attention.

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I hate it because I can’t breath there. We lived in east Texas between Tyler and Shreveport LA

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They call the Cowboys “America’s Football Team”. Bite me.
Many politicians from there are arrogant blow hards. Secede from the Union because of Obama? Suck it.
Plus, they killed Kennedy.

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“Hurr durr, everyone in texas is a stupid christian who kills baby animals and supports the death penalty george bush george bush george bush hurr durr.”

That kind of thing.

Personally, I like Texas, though I’ve never been. I hear the land is cheap and plentiful, and I’ve always wanted to have a big plot of land that I can do just about anything on without being bothered.

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I lived there for 22 years & I LOVED it. I miss it terribly. Thumbs up for the death penalty. Don’t screw with the law there! It’ll git you! You keep your nose clean & you won’t have to worry about it.

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Why do people hate Texas so much?

Because some Texans act like Texas is a special state .

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Personally I can’t stand the heat, but it is purty country.

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Doesn’t everybody think their state is special? I mean, I’m pretty sure every state has something “special” about it.

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I’m going to go with Tomy Romo. He’s one of those super-annoying dudes.

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@DominicX, Tennessee kicks ass

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Because people suck.
My own gripe with Texas is that the northern part is too flat. I like country with some mountains.

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I’m not from Texas, and I think the state is a great place. Do I think either Bush was a great president? No…Bush Sr was an out and out liberal. W wasn’t my first choice either. BUT….does anyone remember who the Democrats ran against them? In both cases the choice would have been worse. But that has absolutely nothing to do with the states that any of the candidates came from.

If we are gong to blame states for their politicians that they send to Washington, lets start with the most recent, Barack Hussein Obama, and the state of Illinois. Anybody here bitching about Illinois?

And if you are homosexual and liberal, you just might find Austin a pleasant place. That happens to be a pretty liberal city. Probably too liberal for me.

You toxic liberals do love sterotypes dont you?

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It’s a fact that more people in Texas are conservative than not. That might not be the best option for someone who is liberal. I cited Austin because it is different from the rest of the state, but saying that most of Texas is conservative is fact.

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Liberal like Bush 41?

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Not necessarily my views, but…
The amount of people executed makes it seem like Texans just like killing people.
It’s jam packed with Christians, which means that “traditional family values” such as homophobia, racism, and needing everyone to be and think just like you in order to even have them exist within a 10-mile radius are pushed like it’s a freaking cult.
Just because a place has lots of minorities doesn’t mean racism is low there. The South has the most blacks, and they also have the most racism.
Plus, saying that you’re the “most American/patriotic” while trying to succeed often pisses some people off.
And even more than that, people didn’t hate Texas as much before it gave us Bush – it was just a joke before then.

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…see what I mean?

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@plethora isn’t saying “you liberals” stereotyping?

Also, people are bitching about Illinois. They just usually bitch about Chicago instead of the whole state since that’s where most of the people (and therefore, most of the problems) live.

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@plethora If we are gong to blame states for their politicians that they send to Washington, lets start with the most recent, Barack Hussein Obama

Oh god here we go, another frothing at the mouth conservative making a pathetic attempt to associate Obama with terrorists because of his middle name. Can’t you come up with anything better?

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I don’t like the landscape of Texas.

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@marinelife which one? Texas has about 5 drastically different landscapes.

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Tony Parker. Also very annoying. I guess if your name is Tony and you play sports in Texas, I probably won’t like you much.

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@hopscotchy Most all of them.

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@cockswain haha…I have a friend who worships Tony Romo. He calls himself a “Romosexual”. :P

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@DominicX I’m a Packers fan. Always hated the Cowboys and any success they ever have.

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I don’t hate Texas. I do dislike some of the things that come out of Texas. However, I don’t want to name any of them because I do recognize that doing so is making generalizations.

Short anecdote.. I was working at Olive Garden, and had a couple at my table. They just wanted salad. The policy is that if both eat out of the bowl, they get charged for salad. They got really nasty with me, even though I was doing my damndest to remain patient and civil despite the attitude. Then, toward the end of the salad discussion, the guy spits out, “Well, I’m from Texas.”

I still am not sure what that means or what it had to do with anything, though I had to bite back a comment about everything being bigger in Texas, including the assholes.

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@breedmitch, where do I sign up?

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@breedmitch looks like Wimberly?

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I can’t read all of the responses at this moment but let me say I am one Wisconsin boy who loves Texas. The food. The people. The climate (I love heat and humidity!). Best BBQ in the world is in Lulling, TX.

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@cockswain I’m not a Packers fan (my husband is), but the Packers should have the title of America’s Football Team. He also hates the Cowboys.

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@jonsblond I like what you’re saying

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I think people hate the texans that think texas is better than any other state.

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I can’t stand Cowboys fans. That’s my main reason for hating Texas.

Atleast it’s better than New Jersey. Am I right?

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Because they’ve never been to Austin! :-)

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@hopscotchy: Yup. Wimberly is what I was going for.

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Texas is awesome. If I lived in the US that’s totally where I’d want to live.

As for mentalities and mind frames that people may have and others not agree with, I think that’s pretty common anywhere. Everyone in Québec hates the rest of Canada for one. I learn to ignore it.
Even if these stereotypes define the entirety of Texas, I’m sure there’s awesome individuals there.

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I’m with @DominicX – heard Austin is pretty cool and the rest of it wouldn’t be my cup of tea. I don’t hate it, but I will never move there.

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I don’t hate Texas.
I haven’t really spent any time there,but why would I hate it?

Unless I had to drive across it and was in a hurry.

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Nice to see a little spit and vinegar on the site….:)

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I’m a transplant: from New Jersey to the Hill Country in Texas. That would include Granite Shoals (ever hear of it?) to Austin, for me.

I like Austin a lot. I like the people, I like just about everything about. Except for the Californization of it.

You have to be prepared for the Texas pride thing, though. You’ll see more Texas flags than US flags; you’ll see houses that may have flagstones shaped like the state leading up to the front door, you may see giant “Lone Stars” on people’s floors or on fireplaces. There are “Texas” versions of Ford and Chevy trucks. Burger King had a “Texas” themed burger for a while.

For the record, I’ve never talked to anyone who even thought about seceding from the rest of the States. I have heard many people talk about what a stupid thing it was to say, though. So, anyone who thinks that all Texans are just waiting to erect a wall around the panhandle, it’s not true.

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I hate Texas because nothing comes from there except steers and queers.

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Because it’s fun.

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As an outsider to American affairs I would have to say it’s because Texas & Texans seem to represent everything the rest of the world dislikes about America. The brash, in your face howdee-doodle, God fearin, raisin ur chillens, ultra Christian, intolerant, gun touting, right wing, homophobic side to America that makes the rest of the world want to launch the US into space with a 1 way ticket.
Now, I’m not in any way suggesting what I’ve written above IS the truth, it just seems that way from the outside.

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I don’t hate Texas. But are citizens in Texas really free? It’s illegal to buy a vibrator for example.

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I bought a vibrator in Texas and was not arrested for it. There are several stores that sell them. As, uh, novelty items.

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@breedmitch Both are lovely photos and do not look like the parts of Texas I have been in.

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I don’t hate Texas, but some of their ideas about what qualifies as historical truth scare the shit out of me.

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@mrentropy & I hope you had many a happy hour with it Hehehe :)

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@Cloverfield I did. As did my wife. Until the ferrets took off with it.

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@mrentropy Hahahahaha….. damn those Ferrets, but it does paint one interesting mental image :)

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@Cloverfield It probably would have been a bit worse if they had taken it far or we hadn’t found it. Luckily, it was found quickly.

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@mrentropy – Sure, novelty items are legal. Ask for a vibrator and the guy turns out to be an undercover cop, see what happens.

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@mattbrowne It depends on the mood that’s going around at the time. There are a lot of things that are technically illegal but you’re not going to get nabbed for it. Unless you’re causing a problem.

Not that I’m entirely disagreeing with you because, as I said, they’re sold as novelty items. But this is close to the Bible belt so it’s not unusual to see laws that look like they were drafted by Puritans.

I can drive down I35 and see several sex shops and they’re still open and doing business so I assume it’s not one of the laws that are heavily enforced.

I would be surprised if Texas was the only state that did this, too. I seem to remember Pennsylvania doing something similar, or it could have been New Jersey. Or someplace up in the Northeast.

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@mrentropy – Thanks for this!

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@mattbrowne Helping the world buy vibrators from sex shops without getting arrested—it’s what I do.

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arrested in Texas for buying a vibrator? I’m from Texas why the hell would that be illegal I’ve never heard of that but then again I don’t buy vibrators but like smoke shops they have crap like that there, and what kind of chain massacre towns are all yal talking about? For the most part Texas is extremely diverse than lots of others states as far as anything goes, religion, race, and sexuality, besides whats a “texan” anyway there’s so many people constantly moving here from all over, it must not be that bad

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texans are a special breed. Most never leave the state, but believe that it’s the greatest place in the world. they hate californians, mexicans and anybody else who has different ideas than the commonly held beliefs in their state. texans fit the hot button stereotype mentality, to them real political issues don’t matter, they stick with the oldie but goodie ones like abortion, mexicans, evolution Barack “Hussein” Obama. To most texans art is painting or carving the texas flag or state onto every nice looking piece of stone or natural beauty, some say defiling it. I lived in texas for five years, I wasn’t born there and I got out of there as soon as I could.

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@samsee4 What part of Texas and when? The only thing that you said that sounds familiar to me is hating Californians. And… I can kind of understand why.

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People hate Texas because Texans are the only people that literally worship their flag, which is later logo’ed onto whatever, and they indocrinate the children by making them say an OATH to Texas in schools, alongside of Pledge of Alegiance. You tell me, what other state in the country does this? Further, they are monumentally repressed due to evangelical brainwashing and limited culturally. They are not inquisitive, curious—outside of winning and taking it all—yee haw, and so their young start out life understanding the fine art of bullying anything that doesn’t walk, talk, do and chew like they do. They are extremely defensive about who they are and where they come from—obvious indicator they are really insecure. They are prepared to go senselessly into war in the name of God, Texas, boobs or football… making them every military regime’s favorite ‘dream team’ to control and use, especially if there’s OIL in them ‘there hills! They like to kill harmless animals and enjoy looking at dead carcasses strung on their mantles and believe they are nature lovers as a result. They abhor veggies. They abhor muslims. They abhor Democrats. They love hypocrits and inarticulate presidents. They like Rodeos, they like country music and having sex with them lasts for maybe five minutes.

overtexas's avatar

one more thing, for any of you that might remotely argue my point on sex. Drive through Texas…all you see is tex-mex, barbeque, drive thrus, steak (hormone jacked), beer, beer, beer, cheetohs, fritos, chili, blah, blah, blah…(Frito-Lay is actually based here—ack!)

They are overweight, and their lifestyle is such that eating and eating and eating is what they do. Thus – welcome to the land of the 5-minute Fks. ‘5-minfksas’

Help, get me out.

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Holy generalizations, batman!

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Where I’m am, Little California, people are thin and healthy.

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hm…i don’t hate it…it’s actually an alright state..i think people seem to hate it because they’re just dumb…mostly based on the comments i read, for dumb reasons….i mean sure the state’s got a couple of errors & such, but doesn’t the rest of the nation? California’s got plenty of errors, yet nobody ever talks about them.Same as Florida, Michigan, & all the other states suffering the highest from this economic downward, but I’ve never seen those states be talked about. Same as w/ the religious part, maybe because they’re the only state who actually has faith in things, instead of people from California & all of those other “top-notch former best states to live in” states who lose belief too easliy due to their constant annoying whining….I personally don’t mind Texas, it’s a nice plain-filled landscape, plenty cheap to live in, & is a friendly place, so maybe Texans have a reason 2 always point out things about their state considering the fact that they’re proud of being Texans. Also considering the fact that some of those Texans that like to point out their state is maybe because they’re the only people who actually still seem to love the US & it’s values?...yet i see all these people hating their country, get a f——ing grip people, be glad you have those rights to begin with. Yet once the country does something good or they see a soldier or somebody of high honor to this country, they want to say they love it here >.>.

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Being from Texas and having spent over 11yrs of my 29yrs of life in the military has exposed me to why people hate Texas and Texans. To me it seems like no other state has as much pride in it as Texas, and for some reason people hate us for that. Yes some Texans are very loud about that pride; I am sort of one of them. To me Texas has a lot of history that the other states don’t have and can call their own, how many states has been their own country. There’re a lot more reason that I don’t care to explain, but I think that is the main.

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@jbbubblehead, how many states has been their own country.

Part of Tennessee was an independent republic known as the State of Franklin for a while…

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I was born and raised in Fort Worth. I was that obnoxious Texan for 25 years. I moved away and hated it. I told everyone how much better Texas was and why. Finally I moved back to my glorious homeland and realized that in-fact it does suck. I cant wait to move away now. I was wrong and I just feel sorry for all these narrow minded tools. I do not hate them because I sympathize with them. I was one of them.

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Also for the Cowboys haters… I love my Cowboys, but in general our fan base is kinda ignorant and self absorbed. Just know that we aren’t all blowhards.

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Plus Jerry Jones is a turbo-douche.

notatexasfan's avatar

Indeed, the problem with the cowboys is that you cannot fire an owner.

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Oh my gosh I just saw this article! Yes I’m from texas and it makes me sad that people hate this state. Lots of the crap you hear is just a steriostype that isn’t always true. As I said I’m from Texas and I am not a Rednecks, over weight, or do I have a thick accent, or any accent at all really. When I go to another state nobody could tell that I was a Texan until I had told them. It’s all about location, the northern parts of Texas is a great place to live and hang. It’s also a very rich and lively community. Also in this area were not racist against things people usually say we are. For instance I’m gay and have been that way my whole life. I’ve told everyone I end up staying in touch with and they all love me. But yes I have to admit southern Texas is a Hell hole, me personally I’d never go there again after my first stay, it is a very unevolved place to live. I’m not also afraid to admit that its hot and flat everywhere and for me that’s really the only downer, but I find ways to get over it. I’m also really tired of the hate that’s also been going on between California and New York. I’ve been to both and Id definitely go back to each one. California is just beautiful and New York is too, but in a different way, you just need a little time to get used to it if that’s not where you already live.

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@hig227 Am I being punked?

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Austin actually really isn’t any different from the rest of the state. A lot of Texans are conservative but we aren’t a bunch of bible thumping cowboys. And no, I don’t ride a pony to school. Texas is awesome! We really aren’t anymore racist than any other place, we’re actually really friendly to everyone. I’m from Houston, by the way.

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Why does everyone assume all Texans are white, Republican, uneducated, homophobic, bigots? Truly, you can’t make such sweeping generalizations like that. Where I’m from, in San Antonio Texas, there are as many minorities, democrats, liberals, and opened minded people as much as there are ‘stereotypical Texans’. A good deal of people here believe that Bush was an idiot, that Rick Perry made fools out of us, and that the United States should try to use more ‘soft power’ in international politics instead of hard power. There are even people in Texas fighting to abolish the death penalty! Texas pride is real, but shouldn’t everyone be proud of where they’re from? I mean, it is where you were born and raised, it’s special if just for that reason. Truthfully, I think the reason some people see Texans as idiotic buffoons with extreme views is because those are the only people who get covered in the media, raise eyebrows, or voice their opinions loud enough to make a commotion. Just like all Christians aren’t all homophobic jerkwads bent on converting everyone and not all Muslims are terrorists, not all Texans are racist, uneducated, idiots. These are just the ones that get covered in the news.

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@CrimsonNova I think you answered your own question (Why does everyone assume all Texans are white, Republican, uneducated, homophobic, bigots?) with:

…not all Texans are racist, uneducated, idiots. These are just the ones that get covered in the news.

Proud Texans that don’t make fools of themselves with their backwards ass views aren’t ‘news-worthy’, so we never hear about them. It’s just the cowboys we hear about :)

Welcome to Fluther! I liked your post.

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I am from Texas too and I believe that people can hate what ever they want because it’s just their opinion like I hate mustard but I don’t hate Texas and I wonder why people hate Texas but it’s not the end of the world that they do.

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I am 53, born in Dallas. I grew up in Dallas County. I live in Dallas County. I am white. I came from a family of origin, with many extended family members, who demonstrated/still demonstrate ignorant, bigoted perspectives. I am ashamed for ‘them’. I do not associate with these so-called ‘family members’ anymore than I must. They have always been a psychological drain, and an embarrassment.

Texas, in general, is out-of-step socially. It’s just an unfortunate fact. The negative stereotypes regarding Texan’s social ignorance, bigotry, lack of education, cultural insensitivity etc., are an inconvenient truth, reflecting poorly on Texans as a collective. I witness these social deficits on a daily basis. Of course, this does not mean that there are not socially conscious, educated folks here. I’m one of them. I’m educated. I have a global scope…an informed, responsible, prosocial world view. My immediate family members, that is, my spouse and children, demonstrate the same. I don’t encounter as many Texan neighbors, or even extended family members with similar ideologies as mine, as I should.
Texas should be further along on the social spectrum. There is no excuse for the collective ignorance. It’s a source of great disappointment and, honestly, ‘shock’ to me on a pretty regular basis.
But, ‘I’ am a Texan. This is MY state… A state that, admittedly, has a long way to go to evolve to a level of acceptable educational, social, and cultural maturity. We’ll see…

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