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What does one do, when one can do anything?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30877points) March 14th, 2010

To be God…

Do you act as a Genie in a bottle, granting everyone’s subjective wishes to come true? Or do you set in motion a realm where souls can learn and grow through experiences of pleasure and pain, truth and deception?

Do you establish a clear undeniable evidence for everyone to believe in you, or do you allow them to discover you on their own, and in their own way?

Do you act as cosmic puppet master, stopping every violent act against others, or do you wait, as only a timeless eternal being can, and allow them the freedom of discovering peace on their own?

Do you base your judgments upon the temporary birth and death of the material realm, or shall you view your creation, and its creation as intended, from a perch of infinite all knowing omniscience?.

Do you establish one way for them to know you, and let everyone fight and kill each other arguing about it, while using it to serve their own purposes? Or shall you provide many ways of knowing you, encouraging all to shorten the chasm between heaven and earth, expressing together their paths as individuals, as the bridge they build to you grows larger, in concerted pursuits of finding truth?

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Go to the beach.

Wait, I can already do that.

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If I was God, I’d probably get bored with humans pretty quick.

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It’s like these lyrics to John Frusciante’s song ‘Ah Yom’: “I’ve got a million to choose from / a million ways things could be / In dull moments I feel like / There’s a million options I see / The trouble is choosing one / The trouble is doing one”

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i would snowboard :)

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Sorry kid, but if I were God, the last thing I’d be interested in would be a bunch of squalid mammals running around on a two-bit planet. Sorry. You’re too full of yourselves if you think I give a flying fuck.

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I guess I’d just blow stuff up and build it again, over and over. After all, God created us in his image or something.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard @wundayatta

That seems to take the position that God discovered humans while floating around in the cosmos, noted it, but quickly moved along to bigger and better things.

But what if you actually created life out of nothing? That’s a little different, and very comparable to a gardener who plants a seed, or a parent who births a child. In this scenario, the creator would/should be interested, and not get bored with it.

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I happen to think that is beautiful and very true!

Yes….consciousness does take an interest!

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It’s interesting to imagine this upcoming unconventional scenario that we aren’t used to hearing. It’s just a postulation, a possibility. Nothing is lost if you think of it. lol
I’ll start after the universe was created, since speculating unfairly on the mystery of how it happened is irrelevant to the point I’m making. The universe manifested. It’s task is creation. Thought becomes reality. Anything it thinks, it creates. It creates things and doesn’t investigate it, it just creates. However something huge is missing: up till now, the universe is just an outsider, looking in on it’s creations. Therefore, to solve the problem of understanding it’s own creation, the universe creates life, (including but not limited to: us humans), to live inside it’s creations and understand itself. One original oversoul splits into countless, and a little short of infinite, subsouls, to live from a permanent perspective. These souls commit to an experience and really get to know it like never before. Different souls seek different specialties. Life creates new forms. And the universe knows itself like it never has before. The quest is total knowledge: perfection. We are still on that quest.

To be continued….

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Thats one of the concepts of non-duality..consciousness experiencing itself through every possible life form, experience.

So one might argue..well…IF consciousness has already experienced losing a leg via a life form, WHY would it continue to re-create these experiences?

Because every experience would be completely unique to that form and therefore a NEW experience for consciousness.

Ad infinitem….

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Am I understanding this theory correctly, in that, God/consciousness, was actually born at the point of the Singularity (Big Bang) as the beginning of space/time, rather than creating the Singularity, from a realm separate from space/time?

The Universe IS God, rather than created BY God?

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It is THE great mystery. and I think it’s our job to learn and speculate until we figure it out! lol I can only guess, from my perspective of things, but I think is a fundamental property of the universe, and it’s quest for understanding itself, that every single experience is required to be unique. That’s true to my life, so I feel comfortable continuing.

Every perspective, or person experiencing the universe, is a unique perspective. Therefore we can’t learn from someone else’s experiences. Each subsoul has to learn it’s own lessons. (If I break my leg, you have to have the awareness to not do the same thing I did, if you want to not break your leg too.)

The only problem we can face, is lack of awareness, lack of experience, or lack of knowledge. It takes forever if we do it all on our own. The best way we have learned how to learn is the hard way up to this point, but a better way to learn, would be to directly percieve another’s unique experience.

The remedy is connecting to each other to raise awareness. Language is a rudimentary, and oftentimes innacurate, transmission of awareness of one unique experience, from one unique perspective, to another unique perspective.

I think the task of the universe is to raise awareness, we are some of it’s tools, and we can accomplish that task most efficiently, together.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Do you have any idea how big the universe is? That’s an awful lot of seeds I planted. A gazillion gardens to tend. What makes you think yours is any more important? The hubris of it all!

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies, true, but I was saying I would be bored if I was God.

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Planting seed brings forth life. I see no evidence of life beyond our earth, and no garden tending on other planets. What makes our garden important, is that it is the only garden we know of. It’s an assumption to think other gardens exist beyond our own. A leap of faith actually.

As a bored God, would you sit around continuing to be bored, perhaps risking depression, or might you bring forth life and tune in to the Simpsons and I Love Lucy that your creation created?

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies, to be honest with you, I don’t have a clue. I have no idea what omnipotence is like, so I guess, in hindsight, I would be both bored and un-bored because I know all, see all, and can predict all and therefore never have the capacity to be truly idle, yet I would also never have anything to do because I have done and created everything, so then I would be bored, but hahdlhsjdklsjlkdjldk circular craziness! Have some mercy on me, it’s spring break and I’ve been reading Plutarch for the past three weeks.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies How is it not a leap of faith to say that life could only exist here? Either way we have no evidence.

If got is omnipotent (which it seems you believe him to be) then there is information within God that is equivalent to the unfolding of events on our world. There’s no need to actually create a physical realm for God to experience everything or anything we might do.

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Well I didn’t say that life could only exist here. But I do acknowledge that life (and the conditions for it) have only been found here, and the more we understand the cosmos, the amount of matter, and the unique circumstances required and the available time to produce those circumstances, the newest math does narrow the odds of any other physical life being present in the cosmos other than ourselves.

I guess I look at Extraterrestrial Life like an Atheist looks at God. I’ll believe it when I see it.

As far as the God not needing to create a physical realm to experience what we might do, I completely agree with you. But I do suppose there is another very good reason beyond that which a God may have needed to create a physical realm for, beyond your wise insight. I even think I may know what it is. But of course, you’d have to make a formidable conceptual leap to embrace my reasoning.

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I imagine a God that has birthed all of manifest existence from outside of space time. Within this universe is the relative world operating within a type of finite space time field. Every creation proceeding from the light of God infinitely in either direction is subject to the perfect order that is inherent within that energy and must by nature serve its purpose down to the cellular level. No need for God to micro manage. It’s like a mother who puts her toddler in a room without sharp instruments and allows him to freely roam. There can be no outcome which is of concern.

In the case of God there can be no ultimate outcome concerning the lives of people which is ever a question. Even death is of no concern simply being an illusion dependent upon the relative world. To live here in the relative world is essentially a type of death to our true nature anyway which is beyond form and exists at all times outside of the material inseparable from God. Death is like birth once again. This existence serves his purpose in some way which is beyond our comprehension yet we appear to have complete autonomy. This is simply an illusion as well but it makes no difference to our imagination of freedom. .

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I see no evidence of life beyond our earth,...

Ummm, last time I checked, I wasn’t God. But if I were, there certainly would be life out there. Dunno if I’d make it easy to see.

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As God, why would you scatter life all throughout the universe, and why would you consider not making it easy to see?

As well, do you think you would consider allowing earthlings to see you easier, or the other life you created easier?

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Hmmmm. For real? My first instinct is that I would put life everywhere because I like variety and because I like experiments. I’d like to see what developed the most successful or most peaceful ways. I don’t think I would play favorites.

If I really was the consciousness that individuals came home to when they died… Well, I’d keep them all as individuals, able to communicate to each other and to experience things as if they were riding inside my senses. So all would come home to me, no matter what planet they were on. Perhaps my consciousness and knowledge would grow with each new participant. I would be interested in the idea that they all thought they were my chosen people. I would wonder if I’d change that predilection in my next round of experiments.

Well, I could go on and on. That’s just what I think I might do if I were the master of the universe. I’d be pretty lonely, too, so all those consciousnesses would mean a lot to me. I’m going to stop now. Really. I am.

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