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What is your favorite (fairly common) font? Any font suggestions for the titles at the beginning of a film?

Asked by rovdog (842points) March 14th, 2010

I’m not much of font master- I use a few basics like Courier, NTR, and Arial. I’m currently settling on the opening titles for my film and I’m experimenting with different fonts. Do you have any favorite fonts that are worth recommending? They need to be simple and look good bolded so they are very visible over the image. They need to be a fairly common font since I have to redo the titles eventually in a different program (currently in fcp). A few filmmakers I know of have kind of branded themselves by the fonts that they use and I’d like something that I might get comfortable using again should I be fortunate enough. Any thoughts are appreciated…

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A very good resource to take a look at is You can even type in a title or some words to be previewed, dictate the size, and see how it will look rendered in the fonts.
As far as my favorite fonts…
Hoefler Text (from Dafont)
Chapparal Pro

The majority of those come with OSX, and are quite expensive if you don’t own them already. I’d definitely recommend spending some time of Dafont.

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I usually use Monotype Corsiva for titles in videos and presentations… It’s a script but not overly intricate.

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My favorite font is definitely Century Gothic. It’s thin, but bubbly.

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cool! I’ve got fcp open and dafont… i’ll be looking at these as you suggest

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My husband is a graphic designer and he says Futura or Impact is his favorite. Arial is also always good.

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For informal themes, I fancy using Comic Sans MS

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Just don’t use Trajan. EVERY movie poster uses it:

My favorite font is Arial because it’s the one that most closely resembles my handwriting (and people always tell me it does). I use it for 95% of the stuff I do. Calibri is an excellent font as well, I must say. I have really gotten to like it.

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Futura is Wes Anderson’s font unfortunately. I love it too. I love Courier too but every screenwriter lives with Courier every day of their lives. Impact I like but it’s too bold, ends up being crowded.

So far the one I’ve thought was ok was Baskerville.

I don’t know if I’m limited to the built in FCP fonts or I can be importing them somehow, either.

As far as formal versus informal- I really am looking for something that would kind of go with any mood so I might use it again if I like it

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@DominicX funny video… I promise I won’t use Trajan. Kerning letter forms, hah! That was actually good.

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@hudsong wow great site

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Courier New. I know it isn’t original but I always associate it with the life-saving properties it has when writing a school paper…

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Can’t use courier unfortunately… courier is the best… the best

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Related question also: Are fonts cross compatible between operating systems… say I bought a font to use like off the site Hudsong is suggesting… say when I’m doing my titles we’re on a system running Linux or something- would I run into a problem- are fonts OS dependent?

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I don’t know much about it other than what I think looks nice. I like Georgia, Lucinda Sans Roman, Bernhard Modern, and Amazone.

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