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do you believe in aliens?

Asked by issinoho (85points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone

The universe is so vast its almost guaranteed that there is life on other planets, but why is there no metion of this in the bible?
God made the earth in 7 days and created man in his own image (all supposedly )
so does this not bring the bible and god into doubt?

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Yes, but not in the way Hollywood would have us believe.

I think it’s pretty short-sighted to think we’re the only life in the universe, when it’s larger than we could ever fully explore.

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The Bible was written, translated, and rewritten, by humans, for an audience with a different concept of the physical universe. It’s purpose wasn’t to be a 21st Century astronomy reference. Maybe someone who’s not too awed by the artifact, could rewrite it a bit for a modern audience. I imagine someone has tried.

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I believe there could be life on other planets. I do not believe that alien life has visited Earth.

I’m still trying to figure out what this has to do with a book written thousands of years ago.

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The Aliens can be found on tour.

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screw the bible

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They are out there. They just haven’t been here.

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Not in the sense of aliens.
But life on other planets?
I’ll quote numb3rs here…
Charlie: Coincidences are a mathematical reality. Statistically unlikely events can and often do occur. Just look at the Genesis of our planet.
Larry: Well now, I agree that the factors that brought about life on earth were statistically unlikely, but given the vastness of the cosmos, the limitless possibilities for matter and energy… I’m with Einstein on this.

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while i dont believe in little green men with flying saucers, etc. With the universe being as massive as it is, I think it’s a little naive to say we’re definitely the only ones out there.
Oh, and there are a small number of lunatics out there that believe the bible supports the existence of aliens..they can even point to certain passages to back it up. I don’t know the specific chapters and verses though.

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I’m pretty sure that this topic has been covered several times here.

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yes, the bible may have been written many moons ago. . but G-d will reveal his true meaning of His Word to those that truthfully seek him and read the bible.
and @ zaku, i’m pretty sure G-d knew how much times would change. everything in the bible still relates to “today”, and is able to give insight and understanding and comfort, etc.
has anyone ever given the bible a positive chance? it seems people just go at it from the get-go with a bad mood, yet you’ll give other books an open-minded effort.

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and no, i don’t believe in aliens. ghosts, that’s a different question on fluther [;

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I believe in illegal aliens.

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Xenu is my home boy.

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@riser: what about resident aliens?

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Tell it to Mulder. :P

In reality I believe in life on other planets that are just as in awe of that same possibility.

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@riser i was being funny or, well, trying anyway.

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@aaron. I was just playing too. That’s the danger of typing, you never know if someone is serious or funny. Sorry if you thought I was insulted or was trying to insult you. All is well. :D

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no insult taken!

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yes i do believe that there are aliens out there but they havnt been here!!!!!
n yes there mite be life on other planets!!!!
if you go to, nd put aleins in the search place, there are videos that people saw rare things in the sky!!

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