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What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday?

Asked by babygirlbubbles (110points) March 14th, 2010

He’s turning 17, and I want to get his something really special, not just a shirt or a pair of shoes. I want it to really mean something, but I have no idea what would really show that.
So, any suggestions? Money doesn’t matter, and his interests are…weed and, I don’t know, just fun things. lol.

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Blow jobs are pretty special and usually really mean something.

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A Fleshlight.

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What are his interests, and how much money do you want to spend?

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And you’re asking us, anonymous internet monkeys that have never met him before and know nothing about him, why?

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Make him a card and a mix cd. They love things that they can connect back to you in a special way. It will remind him of you when he plays the cd in his car or on his laptop while he’s doing homework :)

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he’s 17? let him see your cans.

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Customized speakers/ subwoofer for his car. Boys love noise.

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A year of Hustler and a box of Kleenx.

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Do something or take him somewhere that lets him know that you really know him, that you really understand him, that you listen to him. I think that kind of thing is the most special gift of all, but you have to figure that one out for yourself. Try to think about it and remember those moments when you think “Wow, that’s why I love this guy.” Or he likes that? He does that? Awsome!

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Is weed really an interest?

..You could get him some weed.
Oh, that’s illegal, I shouldn’t give that suggestion. You didn’t see it.

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Ummm, he’s 17yrs old, he wont appreciate anything you get him anyway, & he certainly wont remember it for any longer than about a week at best, so I wouldn’t worry, any old crap’ll do.

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A flying monkey. :)

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