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Is it okay for my dog to eat apples?

Asked by AstroChuck (37439points) March 14th, 2010 from iPhone

My crazy dog likes to steal apples from our fruit basket. My family thinks it’s cute that she does this. I don’t like her taking anything without us giving it to her but that’s another thing altogether. I just want to know if an occasional apple will cause any problems such as diarrhea or other ailments. I’m very picky about what she eats (for example no dog food with corn, wheat, or soy) and don’t want any problems down the road.

She really loves apples. Crazy.

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Yes. Dogs like a little vegetation. Vicky’s (now retired) Seeing Eye dog liked bananas and grapes.

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^Second this. They eat vegetables, too.

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Do you mean road apples?

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My daughter’s dog likes sliced turnips, raw. A cat I had liked cantaloupe.

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The apples shouldn’t do much other than give her a little gas.
I buy Canidae from a local feed store because it has USDA grade meats and no filler glutens unless it’s listed rice on the label.

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Canidae is nice. Evo’s not so bad, either.

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My aunt’s dog would steal and devour whole heads of lettuce. So cute. And sometimes annoying.

I think it should be okay.

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I had a dog that liked to steal beer from us. Only imports, though. No Budweiser for my Bub – wouldn’t touch the stuff.

Considering he lived to a ripe old age with a lifetime of Heinekin and Guinness, I think a few apples won’t hurt.

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Apples are on a list I have of items toxic for dogs but I think it’s because of the seeds, they contain cyanide ? I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. I might, however, worry about the high level of pesticides used in growing apples. Wash them wash them wash them.

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i give my dog whatever i eat….luckily i dont eat chocolate.

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@All- I know that dogs are not obligate carnivores and can and will eat certain fruits and vegetables. But I know there are certain fruit and veggies dogs should never eat. I just don’t know if apples are on the “no” list.

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i think a dog could choke on the seeds/core. Sliced or bites are better. My dog loves anything.

Never grapes, raisins, or chocolate. those are poisonous.

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@hopscotchy- I just read your post. Thank you. Apples will now be put on the top basket of our fruit basket tower from this point. If I find it’s just the seeds then I will give her an occasional slice, but no core.

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This article says the pup would have to eat the orchard to get enough toxin to cause harm. The odd apple will do no harm. DO beware of grapes and starfruit, though.

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According to this website, apples are fine for dogs but they should not be allowed to get the core. The seeds have minute amounts of cyanide in them.

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I had a dog that grazed like a cow under the apple tree.He dropped apple pies all over the yard.Worst bakery ever! lol!

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Apparently grapes can be toxic, but the mechanism is not well understood. I withdraw my recommendation that grapes can’t hurt, although Gina ate them all her very long life.

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my dog loves baby carrots…....that is quite healthy

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aw he is so cute! and knows what is good for him loll.

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Your dog is so cute, Apples are an excellent treat, but just make sure your dog doesn’t eat the seeds because they contain cyanogenic glycosides which can result in cyanide poisoning

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you guys love my dog as much as I do??? aww shucks…..she loves bread…can eat a whole loaf at a time. has this magic pogo stick to get in all the high places.

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yeah. my dog used to eat tomatoes.

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@jazmina88- Your dog shouldn’t be eating bread. Dogs don’t have the proper enzymes to break down wheat.

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@AstroChuck where have I seen that face before?

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So what’s the consensus here? Is it okay for her to enjoy the occasional apple? The tiny amount of cyanide in the seeds are basically harmless? I do plan on asking the vet next time we take one of our pets in for a checkup. Until then what do you think?

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Apples are fine. If you want to be finicky to excess, take out the core.

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