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How do you define stoopid?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) March 14th, 2010

My friends and I had a discussion recently about being stupid and how you can even measure such a thing. The topic started when we were arguing about Sarah Palin and whether or not she’s stupid, ignorant, average, etc.

When asked “what percentage of the US population was stupid”; we all came up with different answers: 7% – 20% – 73%. I came up with 7% because I think stupidity is literally a mental disability and not something one can choose not to be. Think Forest Gump.

How do you classify someone as being stupid? Is it literally their mental capacity to retain information? Is it just being ignorant? Is a “redneck” necessarily stupid or just stubborn / ignorant?

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Um, not spelling it correctly?

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I guess there’s no way to define stupid – no more than there is a way to define intelligence…it’s just a feeling you get, with some people. I think when people don’t follow logic very well or continue to be ignorant even if taught otherwise – those people are acting in a stupid way.

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I define stupidity as “willfull ignorance.”

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Have you ever watched more than 2 hours of 3rd Rock From The Sun?

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@judochop Can’t say that I have.

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You are not stupid then.

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@judochop haha, good to know. I did watch beavis and butthead though. :(

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I think stupid has very little to do with what your IQ is, but it’s got to do with how much horse sense you have. I’ve known some people with very high IQ’s do some pretty stupid stuff. On the other hand, I’ve known some mentally retarded folks who have more common sense than most folks I know.

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A misspelling.

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It’s the behavior not the IQ and I agree, it’s common sense. It’s stupid to say you can’t check your oil, it’s stupid to wash rayon (that was me), it’s stupid to smoke (me, again).

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Bent over. “There was a Crooked Man…”

Only it is stooped.

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Boy, you just kind of know it when you see it. But you have to be careful. There are all sorts of varieties of intelligence, math smarts, artistic talent, problem solving minds, big picture minds, left brains, right brains, etc. And people who are not necessarily stupid can become idealogues, they become blinded to the facts because they become absolutely certain that a a certain world view is the only correct world view. And there is a difference between native intelligence, stupidity and just plain ignorance. On the other hand, people who are basically intelligent but possibly not that well educated, you can usually tell with them, that they are not stupid, just not formally educated. So… what was I saying? Back to my initial response: you know it when you see it. And BTW, just because people can’t spell doesn’t necessarily mean they are stupid. I knew this guy who was brilliant but couldn’t spell his way out of a paper bag.

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IMO stupid is less about IQ and more about open mindedness.

The ultimate definition of stupid ( beyond someone certifiably mentally disabled ) is one who is unwilling to examine their beliefs and programming and rigidly adheres to an inflexible state of mind. Not just stupid, sad.

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Soopid= inflexible when it comes to your outlook on the world. The planet and it’s structures are fluid and constantly changing. When you decide to become rigid and fixed in your outlook on life, well, you lose. Dummy.

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Being oblivious to the harmful impact of your actions.

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@Blondesjon, correction. That’s; ‘Toopid!

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What kind of stupid. Emotionally stupid…academically…

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Stoopid is stooped or bent over, the obsolete spelling.

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One of the ways to measure intelligence is “the speed of learning a new task”

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I can get from my living room to my new memory foam bed in 6.5 seconds… I go…..whooosh!.........................................

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