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Does anyone know any company that sells Eco-friendly and fragrance free products?

Asked by mayratapia_ (368points) March 14th, 2010

Like I’ve said before, I have eczema and I’m extremely allergic to fragrances and citrus. I have had to eliminate many products from my home including shampoos, styling products and i had to stop going to regular high school. A lot of people wear extremely heavy perfumes and colognes there. I am currently attempting to locate a specific company that manufactures either fragrance free or chemical free products. I have tried Melaleuca The Wellness Company & have only seen a small change. This IS a great company but you have to buy about 35 points worth of product and i can only use about 5% of all their products. If you know of any other companies out there PLEASE let me know, you’ll literally change my life.

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“Products” is a pretty vague term. What exactly are you looking for?

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Are you allergic to essential oils too? There are tons of eco-friendly, natural and organic brands out there… e.g. Burt’s Bees, Earth Science, etc… but they use essential oils.

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Kiss My Face has some scent free products if you hunt through their products. They are a very good line and I recommend them.
One soap I found very soothing when I had skin problems was canus scent-free goatsmilk soap I am not as chemically sensitive as you are though.

I did get into making home-made soaps and cleaners once, just for fun. I think if I had a problem as bad as yours I would make my own soaps and cleaners, and omit the fragrances or harsher chemicals from the recipes. That should be easy to do.

Once you’ve learned how to make your own soap , making your own laundry soap and cleaning products will be easy. You will be in control of exactly what you put in it. You can omit or change ingredients that you are sensitive to until you find what works for you. I love playing around with things like that though so it isn’t a chore for me. I consider things like that fun and interesting, and very comforting to know and have control over exactly what I put into things.

Oh my goodness, now people will know how weird I am.

I could do an online search for companies that specialize in scent free detergents and such but it would be the luck of the draw weather or not any particular thing suits you or works for you.

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@lilikoi when I say products I mean cleaning poducts and hair products as well as mens shaving & deodedant stuff. The cleaning product of course is for me to be able to touch things without getting a reaction; hair products for the women in my home, I feel extremely bad because everyone has to change their routines because of my condition. I can’t use any hair product so I just apply Vaseline to keep my hair from frizzing, I know it doesn’t sound all that great but at least I’m not flaring up anymore.

@lostinyoureyes unfortunatly I AM allergic to essential oils. Berts Bees has a wax in it & my dermatologist said that it’s probably the worste thing for me.

@escapedone I will most definatly check that out! & as for making your own soaps, I am real curious about that.. I think I might try that(: At one point of my condition I actually gave up on every product out there & decided to mix anything I ever used with Vaseline. To tell you the truth, it doesn’t really go well with half the things I put in it- I was desperate. But now my routine is DHS Shampoo, T/Sal shampoo to get rid of the Vaseline, get out the shower & completely cover myself with pure Vaseline, including my hair. & a deoderant that has zero preservatives which is excelent for now.

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Simple, from England.

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I am alergic to many things, and use REN products.

You can find them at

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Toms of Maine

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Those were cosmetic type products, for cleaning products I might suggest if you have a natural foods type coop in your area, check them out. I know our stores sell things like dye free laundry detergents in bulk.

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