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Any know a really good research data base?

Asked by Mrgelastic (508points) March 14th, 2010

I’m currently working on a research paper on vocal health issues, and I’ve been scouring the internet for good sources of information. i have a found a few that i can work with, but i’m wondering if there is a site that can make looking for information easier with sources cited and what not.

do any of you know a good site for this, or know where i can find a bunch of info on the subject of vocal health

inb4: Google

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Perhaps better term definition; what do you mean by “vocal health issues”? I would use google scholar and ERIC. Also, your university should have a subscription to JSTOR that you can use for periodicals.

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I know i know inb4 google, but Google Scholar is the shit. Its only peer reviewed articles

i figured id mention it because not everyone knows abouts it.

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are we talking medical issues where medline would be good? Or public health issues where any number of DOH databases might be useful? Or a lit review where you need databases of medical and health journals? I guess I’m wondering if you will be doing data analysis, or just a lit review?

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For scholarly medical articles (which I’m assuming vocal health issues might fall under), you should try PubMed.

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Thank you! for the data base, to be more clear im doing a research paper on common vocal disorders. i’ll be sure to use google as well

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I see one of your tagged topics is “College.”

I often overlooked the online database that my university (FSU) had available to all current students.

You might check your library computer to access the database with almost every article, thesis, etc written for many many topics.

I only went to FSU, which is primarily a research university, so I’m not familiar with how many other places offer this utility . . . but I don’t think you’d have bad chances checking!

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Well Pitt’s Voice Center provides a list of common voice disorders. I would take the items on that list and work your way down it.

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