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What is your strongest motivator?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) March 14th, 2010

Is it fame? Love? Friendship? Money? What?

Why do you think it is your strongest motivator? Does this motivator provide the underpinnings for most of what you do in life?

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my biggest motivator is my future, i know if i work hard i will be able to relax and enjoy all that i have worked for.

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Knowing that everything depends on me.

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Fear and anxiety. Not proud of it, but that’s what generally gets my butt moving when nothing else will.

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Great support from friends and my wife.

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The support that comes along with love, and the determination I have to get to where I want to be in life.

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A vision of a more just world.

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I’d have to say fear sadly. But I met someone else who’s motivator is fear and I gave them a good talking to. Because eventually it mashes you up and is counter productive.

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My children; I aspire to be the best for them. Failing them is not an option.

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Needing to pay bills.

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long answer: I’m motivated by my memories of how shitty life can be when I don’t try and how great life can be when I do.

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Things I dislike and ppl I hate

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The idea that I can make a better life for myself and my kids is all that keeps me going some days. Whenever i feel like giving up and just quitting, I think of how close I am and how much better they’ll live. I’ll actually be able to afford to take them on a real vacation.

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Peace of mind.

Whenever I’m not at peace, I know I’ve made a wrong decision…
...I’ve surrendered my joy for “angry ghosts and demons”.

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@SABOTEUR i am the same* way !

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The pursuit of Truth.

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It was safety. That one didn’t work out so well. Time to find another motivator.

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Pride with a dash of spite. I take pride in my perseverance, I refuse to be a quitter.

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I’m motivated by things that are half assed. I hate leaving things unfinished and it pushes me to complete my projects.

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Love and fear

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A combination of guilt and responsibility toward taking care of my wife and daughter and proving (to myself?) that I’m not a useless piece of shit.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Yes, same here.

The pursuit of Truth.

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Authenticity – I’m always in search ways of being and doing that match my authentic self. All the money in the world couldn’t be enough if I wasn’t being true to myself.

This is my fundamental motivation – everything springs from this point. Characteristcs authentic to me are compassion, mercy, peace, passion, creativity, knowledge, wisdom, and fulfilment of destiny (becoming best self / helping others to become their best selves).

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The desire for equality.


My strongest motivator is my tendency of always “looking forward to something” in life, that will bring me some enjoyment or pleasure. This may involve buying something, having a great time with family and friends, going on an excursion, engaging in a hobby, etc. I think my life would be very dull and miserable if I didn’t “have something to look forward to” in life most of the time. One has to actively look for something to do that will bring him/her a bit of fun.

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