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Where have all the flowers gone?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) March 14th, 2010

For some reason that phrase kept coming to mind as a question. It’s a kind of plaintive question—wondering about old times—a time when things seemed better.

What do you miss most from the past that is no longer available? What makes you miss it?

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I miss the innocence that comes with being a child.

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That I was loved.

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I miss new George Carlin specials on HBO and hoping the Beatles might reunite.

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I miss playing football with my friends.

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Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing…..
Peter, Paul, and Mary

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The summers used to be hotter. There used to be more snow in the winter. There were more flowers in the spring, and bigger piles of leaves in the fall.

There used to be less traffic. I used to be able to go outside at certain times of the day and it would be quiet, without constant noise from airplanes and cars. Now the noise never stops. Upstate is even worse- the sound of a motor used to be rare, and something that stuck out when you heard it. Now there’s a constant stream of traffic there too, even in the middle of the night.

I used to bathe only once a week.

Ice cream used to taste better. All food used to taste fuller.

I used to have scabs on my knees all the time. I used to fall off bikes. I used to climb trees, I used to build forts of plywood and cinder blocks. I used to sit in the forts and eat raw oatmeal, with my cap gun next to me, and pretend I was a soldier in the Revolution, or Davy Crockett at the Alamo.

I used to shout “I’M A GUINEA PIG” out my window at the top of my lungs with little Oreo on my lap, with a pile of nickels spread out in front of us, looking for change to add to my pet’s coin collection.

There used to be streets in my neighborhood that I had never been down before. Going down them, especially those streets with the houses set back from the road, and pine trees in the front yards, used to stir up such intense emotions of wonder.

I used to watch the high school kids walk home from school, dribbling basketballs as they walked, dreaming of the day when I would do that too.

My sister and I used to push each other on swings in the backyard while eating grilled cheese. We invented a game called “swing ball,” where one of us would swing and the other would throw a big bouncy ball, and the swinger would kick it as far as possible.

I used to spend Friday afternoons at my grandparents’ house, before they passed away. We always had pizza.

There used to be a particular kind of little shiny beetle outside when I was a kid. They’ve disappeared. I haven’t seen one in years.

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I miss VHS. It seemed all…warm and fuzzy, sitting around with loved ones and watching Child’s Play 3 after reserving it from the video store when it was released.

DVD seems so cold, and heartless…but that’s prolly just me gettin old, considering how much I used to bitch about crap tracking or half rewinded tapes.

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That I used to love, be loved, give freely of love. That I believed life would get better that it was a mountain to be climbed and won. That I was special, different. That I believed every soul had another soul to connect with. That I believed all humans were basically kind, that I still had a load of adventures to do and make. I miss my creativity, I miss my great friends, I miss LP’s and record players. I miss getting flowers every week from an admirer. I’m gonna cry now!

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I miss the Mystique of Hollywood. I seemed to be a place where one could only view from the outside and all the stars glittered. Now it just seems cheap and tawdry.
I miss watching The Honeymooners and Benny Hill.

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This is really hard now that I am transitioning and happily giving up so many things. The one thing I know I will miss is living in the City. I don;t miss the responsibilities I’ve carried all my life.

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Aww, @Just_Justine, we can cry together.

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Being physically fit and active, slim, and looking forward to something everyday. Everything was doable.

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I miss going to Sherman Park Library and listening to the 45s that I wasn’t allowed to where I lived. I miss the lilac bush and violets in the backyard of that house.

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I miss my mom and dad giving me kisses when I got hurt, I miss the sunny carefree summers.
As I get older, I realize miss spending time with my family.
The happiness is no longer there, the togetherness shakes it’s head in disbelief. The trees no longer sing the same tune, in fact it’s quiet. The magic the world had in my eyes no longer exists.

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I miss the chutzpah of youth, believing anything was possible for me.


All the free time I had as a kid.

ABBA——wish they had written more songs.

No real worries when I was a youngster.

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We need to create memories as better than the actual experience as positive motivation for life and survival. Bad memories perpetuate negative moods, and negative moods bring down the overall drive for living. Having something good in the past to live off of is a way for the brain to balance our moods in a positive direction, and keep the idea of “life is worth it” in our minds. The opposite would breed more suicide, less drive, tougher day to day living conditions mentally, and the downward trending of our survival. Much like the phenomenon of denial, a positive spin on memories keeps us grounded and stronger overall.

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Nice line. Someone should put it into a song.

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Die to the past every minute.

I don’t know, I guess I am not all that nostalgic, I rarely think of the past, good or bad.

Be here now.

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