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If an angry dog could talk in plain english, what do you imagine he would be saying to the stranger he's barking at so violently?

Asked by ninjacolin (14224points) March 14th, 2010

silly question i’m curious about

do you think each angry dog has a different message? what might some of those messages be?

do angry barking dogs really want the stranger to just go away or do you think the dog would prefer (if they weren’t on a leash or behind a fence) a chance to attack the stranger?

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see my sharp teeth? you hear how loud i am? thats because im harder than you. bring it on!

while thinking go away

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Get the hell away from my owner/property.

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Oh, I think they’d love to attack!

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“Listen buddy, I may look like a stray but I’ll chew your damn leg off inside of 15 seconds. The only reason I’m not home right now is because I patrol the neighborhood from time to time scaring off the mangy transients around here, much like yourself. Not only that, if my master doesn’t let me out to prowl and mark a few fire hydrants once a day, I’m tearing down his drapes and chewing up his shoes. I’ve got his number all right. Now bugger off you human creep!”

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I have a chihuahua and I imagine her screaming in a Mexican accent.
“You dunno me ese. Back the fuck up puto. Don’t you know I’m loco?!

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Oh no you are not bringing that mail up to my house, AstroChuck! You get out of here. And all the noise I’m making has tipped off the Rottweiler two doors down that you’re coming. And he can knock down that rickity fence anytime he likes!

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“Oh god now here’s another damn new person coming up the block and my people will think I’m useless unless I do this for at least a minute and a half all the time telling me cut it out -Robert, stop it Robert, Robert stop that at once he’s really a very good dog he doesn’t bite – yet they’re very proud of my so-called aggression wow wow wow another ten seconds and….. done.”

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Prolly saying something like, yo waddup foo ass wuz gaun dawn up in da hood, dawg?

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@Symbeline: dogs speak Ebonics?

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This is my bush!... my bush

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@susanc They speak gangster.

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Are you sure they’re angry? Or are they saying “Better watch it, buddy. Got my eye on you, buddy. Watch it, watch it. You gotta reckon with ME, buddy. I’m the guard here. I’m on duty. One false move and I’ll take you apart. I could if I wanted to. So watch it. Got that, buddy?”

It always sounds kind of like that to me, anyway. But I speak Cat, not Dog.

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What the fuck you lookin at.Yeah that’s right, I can lick my own balls.Yo is sooooo jealous dude.

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Get away from my yard. Get away from my tuck, etc. Dog’s claim property.

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I have a girly maltese. This would be her: hey i can bite off your penis/clit if i wanted to. I can run faster than you and i will beat the hell out of you. Now, go away from my property!!

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“I might be small… I might be fluffy… And I’m cute as hell… But I will find a WAY to kick your ASS if sqiirrel! needed.”

What?...I have a havanese.

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I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!

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One of my dogs is definitely saying “Do you feel lucky punk?” another is saying “I’m skeert” the third is saying “Hi, I’m Gus wanna play, do you huh, huh, huh wanna, huh?”

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I’m an idiot! I’m an idiot! I’m barking because other dogs are barking but I don’t know what we’re barking at! I’m an idiot! (That’s why my barky dog is usually saying, anyway!)

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