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What are the best Counseling programs offered by which Minneapolis collages?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) March 14th, 2010

in your opinions…what Human services, Psychology, Sociology…programs are the best in the city of Minneapolis?

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? Collages? Of what?

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Gawd!! You know she means colleges, counselling like learning to be a social worker.

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@faye thanks…and yes…not necessarily a social working but that is one of the possible paths i could and am considering taking…others would be working in schools or community centers…not sure all the technical tittles…but i am a compassionate and intelligent person who has experienced abuse and violent crime and homelessness…all the while persevering excellently…

i’d like to take all that experience i’ve had in my few years, and apply that to a career in helping others

im not a wealthy person nor is my family…so i’ll need to have a school with good financial aide programs and such

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I’d write to some and see what kind of response I got. You can find them on a google search.

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i know, just trying to be funny. sorry

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Learn to spell college before you apply, OK?

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