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♥♥♥ What absolutely amazing person just hit 10K ♥♥♥?

Asked by arnbev959 (10893points) March 15th, 2010

Fluther is full of amazing people, it’s true. But this person is, I dare say, the most amazing person I’ve come across here, or anywhere for that matter.

Trying to describe her would futile; language is far too restrictive. Words are simply unable to express how incredible she is.

She is by far the most compassionate person I’ve ever known. She’s an animal lover, a star lover, a tea lover. She is a great friend, and an all around great person.

Her contributions on Fluther are evidence enough. Looking at her answers, it’s really a wonder she didn’t hit 10k long ago. The collective is really lucky to have her. Each and every one of us should consider ourselves privileged to even know her.

So, what absolutely amazing, completely fantastic, magnificently wonderful person just made it into the Great 10K club?

That’s right: it’s rangerr!

Now what are you all waiting for? Let’s roll out a few barrels of mango tea, make our way through the starlit night out to the farm, and get this party started!

I love you times all the stars (times infinity.)

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Yaaaaay rangerr! <333333333333333333

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Hip Hip Hooray Ranger, and don’t let’s forget Kateway Grey too!

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I should censor this because there is no Star Wars reference to be found in this post.. you failed Pete! Back on topic: You have been with us for so short and yet have befriended all of us, even fell in love with one of us.. Congratulations to the recordholder of the “How fast can I get to 10k” competition, you even beat J0E and for that I’m forever grateful!

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Congratulations rangerr!!!

The mansion must be getting full, so many have reached this milestone lately!

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A super duper congratulation to you rangerr!!!

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@peterhepothead: so…you’re saying your fond of her? It’s so hard to tell. Could you be a little more clear?

AnywayCongratulations Miss Rangerr!!

You are so good, you needed the extra ‘r’ to contain all that awesomeness.

now, let’s find you a really nice room in the mansion.

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Congrats Dangerr. And I think pete might have a tiny crush on you.

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I love you
you have been such a great friend
pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew BOOM

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May the force be with you!

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@markyy, or any boba fett reference!

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Oh God.
Lets see if I can do this.
@petethepothead Holy fuck. I don’t even.. I love you too. Wow. Speechless.
@Vunessuh Thank you! I like your big spatula ;)
@tragiclikebowie Yayyy, Erin!!! <3
@davidbetterman Who could forget? And thank you!
@cyndihugs I love you and your broken keyboard too!
@markyy You always make me smile, thank you! [and Pete has never seen Star Wars.] and in your face, JOE!
@HTDC Thank you! I don’t take up much space, though. I’m pretty small.
@sccrowell Thank you! I like your double lettered name!
@cprevite That’s exactly what that extra r is for! How did you know?! Thank you!
@johnpowell Thanks, assface. I love you! and I think so too.
@FutureMemory And also with you! Too church like? Whatever. Church of Fett.

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Many Conratulations!

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By the way, it looks like Pete is soon to join your illustrious club of 10,000!

petethepothead (9900points)

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Nice Job Rangerr…You should reach 20K in half the time.

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omg, Pete, you are too cute.

Congrats, my Miss Madi. I ♥ you. :D

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Super congrats! and well said Pete!

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@cyndihugs You are right, let’s nerd it up in here with a celebratory Star Wars related dance!

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@markyy That video is beyond cool.

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Congratulationss, rangerr! Thatt iss soo greatt! Wayy too goo!

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To paraphrase a certain someone who leaves random love-comments in PM:

I love you!
I hope you have a fantastic week!!!

Happy ten kayday

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Beat me, a better person could not. (said in Yoday voice)


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You did it!

N.B. No irony here. I would only reserve a congratulatory effort like this for such a cool person. And Wave Race 64 is one of the best games of all time, so…

Just don’t crash into a wall immediately after reaching 10K.

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Awesome! Congratulations! Well said @petethepothead, so kind of you.

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Congratulations! rangerr!

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Man it’s 10k week!!! Congrats @rangerr absolutely top job :-)

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Congratulations, Rangerr.

Now stop with the cutesy shit in chat or I will punch you in the vagina.

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I will smack you across the face with my spatula if you punch her in the va jay-jay.

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Congratulations, Madison! That’s all you get from me… Because I’m inadequate and socially awkward. But you rock! <3

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Happy 10K day, Sis! Lurve you!

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P.S. Today is Star Wars day!

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Congratulations, Rangerr.

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I’m not surprised @petethepothead asked this question. Not that any of us wouldn’t have loved to have had the distinction of honoring fluther’s most personable jelly. But, there is a not so subtle connection between sweet rangerr and my buddy, fluther’s nicest and most considerate jelly. And with all those wonderful words coming from pete, you know it’s all true. But we didn’t need all the hype, pete. We all know first hand how wonderful and magnificent @rangerr is. Her attainment of the 10K lurve milestone in quick time is evidence of the lurve returned but pales in comparison to the lurve she gives to the site and to each and everyone of us. I’d like to think that I alone am the recipient of a @rangerr “random public comment” or “comment spree” PM which always brighten my day. But, I know I am not alone. But that’s OK. This special lady is full of lurve and loves to share it. And that is why @rangerr is universally lurved by all, and of course, just a little bit more so by pete.
Congratulations @rangerr….every one of those 10,000 lurves were richly deserved and you are a very welcomed addition to the mansion, which has become a quick growing complex, but only keeps getting better and better. Something tells me pete will be making a push to reach his own 10K milestone. Not because he counts his lurve, but for the expressed purpose of joining you here. And that, too, will be a wondrous occasion and will mark another very special day in fluther history.
See ya….Gary/wtf

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Congratulations, gurl.

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Congratulations to a very kind-hearted person! I’ve requested the deluxe pillows for you!

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Oh my God, I’m still hung over from the last party! Congratulations!!

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Fluther’s sweetheart! I love ya girl!!! Congrats! :D

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Based on Pete’s message, I picked up a bit of double entendre when he said you were an animal lover.

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Well done!

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Happy 10 Grand! Woo Hoo! Don’t spend it all in one place!

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Congrats to @rangerr !

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Congratulations dear Rangerr!!!

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Happy 10k!

Hope you eat 10 cookies today. :-)

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Congrats, Zombie girl.

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Congratulations and love x 1000000! I always love reading your answers :D

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Yay for you!!! Congrats!!

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Great Googlie Wooglie! Congrats on 10K!! You’re terrific!

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Congratulations Rangerr!!

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Mazel Tov™ rangerr!

You have been an honest, sincere voice here on Fluther ever since you joined and a pleasure to have around. I know you’ve had your ups and downs lately and it is great to be able to share one of the ups with you.

You go, girl!

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Congratulations rangerr xxx

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Wow! Congrats!!! Much lurve to you on your big day!!!

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@rangerr I don’t know you all that well, but, from what I’ve read (from others) and just the way that you are (I see it ;-)), pete is right, you are amazing. You have a beautiful heart, hon!

A big ol congrats to you!!!! xoxo

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Coooooooooooongraaaaaaaaaaaatuuuuuuuuuuuuulaaaaaaaaaatiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooooons !

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I can smell the lurve on this thread! Congrats, rangerr!

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Yayyy! @rangerr you’re so cool =)
Congratulations girly!

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I can’t believe I was sleeping when the party began.
But @rangerr I’m here, congrats on joining the elite.

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Awesome, congrats!

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Congrats to you, @rangerr! There’s always room for one more in the mansion!

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yay!!!! congrats to you!

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I LOVE YOU!!!! Congratulations babygirl. You’re amazing.

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@rangerr, Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! Very cool :)
@petethepothead, very nice… very sweet :)

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@rangerr WAY TO GO MADI!!!!!!! It’s about time!
@petethepothead tell us how you really feel…

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I am late to the party @rangerr but my congratulations are no less sincere!

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What ^they^ said + 1.

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Congratulations, Sister Christian! (Okay. That was a pretty lame Night Ranger reference.)

You really are one of my favorite invertebrate sea creatures. Glad to see you’re now in the mansion. It has solid gold toilets, you know. And don’t worry. I never leave the toilet seat up.

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That face ^^ looks so familiar; where have I seen it before?

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Get it lady! Excellent job! You should be very proud! And how lucky that you had someone who obviously adores you bring it to our attention! :)

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@IBERnineD GA for saying “get it lady!” lol =)

IBERnineD's avatar

@Facade haha I say that a lot IRL :)

Facade's avatar

@IBERnineD That’s so awesome haha

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Always ready to offer a kind word of support, @rangerr is synonymous with niceness.

You go, girl!

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Hearts and happy faces to the cutest jellie. You have made fluther an even greater place to be.

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Congrats and cupcakes for you @rangerr!!! :)

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I can’t believe I’m so late for this!

People use this site for many different reasons; some come to get and give good advice, some come to spread some humor around, some come to be part of intelligent and thoughtful debates, etc, etc, etc. @rangerr‘s mission seems to be spread around lurve and happiness, and nobody does it as well as she does. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer jelly. Congrats, Madi.

Oh, and did I mention, effing Boba Fett Cake? Enjoy.

How cool would it be if @rangerr and @petethepothead hit 10K on the same day!

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o.m.g. i feel bad because im late for this party but i just woke up! what a glorious day. I LOVE YOU MADISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ewkljdksjljsd

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R A T <em>S !!!

Fred931's avatar

Bendrewman’s programming skillz are no match for my hyperactivity… Muhuhuhuhuh!!1

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so glad to have you in the 10k. i love the random comments you leave, they always brighten my day. i love your honesty, yet how sweet you are. lurve
would type more, trying to feed hungry jelly.

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That seems really fast! Congrats to a great fluther contributor!

zephyr826's avatar

Hooray for rangerr! Way to go.

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Wow, I’m so late to the party, but a great big heart felt CONGRATS to Rangerr, a wonderful person that is so full of love and laughter.

rangerr's avatar

I fall asleep and wake up grumpy.
I read this and want to hug every one of you.
Oh man, you guys are great.

@faye Many thank you’s and hugs!
@judochop Oh, Judo. That would be too fast. <3
@MacBean OmgIknowrite? I ♥ you too. Really!
@danny Thank you and welcome to Fluther!
@markyy I was there! HEYOOO!
@autumn43 Thank you! Your avatar makes me squeal sometimes. So cute.
@Zen_Again Thank you! I hope you are having a fantastic week again!
@J0E No Jar Jar? You are being so kind today! Thank you!
@absalom I just danced a little. Thank you!
@FireMadeFlesh Thank you so much!!
@lucillelucillelucille Have I ever told you how hilarious you are? Thank youuu!
@OreetCocker It’s madness. Nonstop partying in the 10k mansion!
@Grisaille Hahahahahaha. Is this question cutesy enough for you? <3333
@DrasticDreamer Oh, I’ll get you one of these times. Thank you!
@Arp Thanks, munchkin. You confused me. May 4th is SW day. But I shall see you tonight!
@bstar3 Thanks! And sorry I pick on you so much! It’s what I do.
@whatthefluther I think you left me more speechless than Pete did. You are so awesome. Thank you. I’ll be sure to lurve spree you more than anyone, now.
@CyanoticWasp Thanks, gurlfrand. I like yo glasses.
@PandoraBoxx Deluxe!? Thank you! I can sleep for even longer, now!
@syz Oh, just wait. There are more parties on the way. Thank you!
@jonsblond Oh jeez. I just finished your card from Valentines Day yesterday. It’s coming, I promise! And thank you!
@fireside Thank you! And what? How? So confused.
@shadling21 Word. Thank you!!
@Cruiser Oh, don’t worry. I won’t. Thank you!
@Arisztid My newest Fluther friend! Thank you!! You’re great.
@stranger_in_a_strange_land Thank you, dear stranger!
@ChazMaz Just because of that post, I took a break from typing and ate cookies. True story. Thank you!
@TLRobinson From a distance, your avatar looks like a skate rather than a high heel. It’s so cool. Thank you!
@jfos Aw, man. Is that how you’re gonna remember me? Thank you!
@iphigeneia Thank you! Your avatar makes me really want cake. Holy cow.
@MissAusten Your avatar looks like a zombie from far away. So either way I see it, it makes me happy. Thank you!
@filmfann Oh my. I am going to start saying that now. Thank you!!
@SuperMouse Thank you very much!!!
@janbb I don’t have many downs right now. Thank you so much! <3
@frigate1985 Thank you! I expect you to bring that car with you when you hit 10k.
@lynneblundell Thank you! ooo? xxx? YES.
@loser My big day? It’s like a wedding! Thank you!
@jjmah Awww, jeez. No wonder @Grisaille has a major crush on you. You are great. Thank you!
@mattbrowne Thhhaaaaannnnnkkkkkkyyyyyyooooooouuuuuuuu!!!!!
@ubersiren Lurve is all you need! I love love! Thank you!
@Facade I’m so cool? Have you seen you?! Thank you!!!
@shego At least you didn’t fall asleep mid-party. I’m not even old! Thank you!
@Simone_De_Beauvoir YOU are awesome. Thank you!
@aprilsimnel It’s a pretty magical place. Thank you!
@gemiwing Yayyyy! Thank you!!!!!!!!!
@nikipedia Aw, shucks. Thank you! I love you too!
@lfino When I see your name, I think of Delfino Plaza from Super Mario. Thank you!!!
@Dr_C I’ll race ya to 20k! Thank you! And yeah, Pete.~
@marinelife You aren’t late. We will party forever. Thank you!
@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Thank you!! +2!
@AstroChuck You leave the seat down? You are so thoughtful. Thank you!
@timtrueman Stay frosty, Trueman.
@IBERnineD I don’t think adore is even the right word anymore. Thank you for being around! <333
@wundayatta I go? YOU GO. Really. You’re great. Thank you!
@tinyfaery Oh, there are cuter than me. Have you seen @cyndihugs? :) Thank you!!!
@Cupcake Cupcakes are great! Thank you!
@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Holy macaroni. I love that cake. You rock, and you are not late. We can party ALLLLLLLLLL night. Thank you so much. ♥
@Fred931 Bendrewman sounds awesome. Better than Bendrewim, IMO. Thank you!
@casheroo It’s okay. Jellybaby takes priority. So cute. Thank you!!!
@OperativeQ Oh wow, Ken. You are so creative!~ Thank you!
@Judi Thank you very much! I
@zephyr826 Hooray, indeed! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
@chyna Like I said. Not late. There is never a late. We will party forever. WITH LOVE. Thank you!!

@petethepothead I’m not even going to bother trying to top this for your 10k thread. I love you.

El_Cadejo's avatar

Happy 10k I present you a back-pack with jets

figbash's avatar

WOW – Rangerr….10k already? AWESOME! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!

rangerr's avatar

@uberbatman YOU KNOW ME SO WELL. That was great. :) Thank you!
@figbash Thank you!!!!!!!! S O M U C H!!!!!!!!!

KatawaGrey's avatar

Damn, I’m late! Congratulations on the 10k dahling. :) I think you, lucille and I should have our own party wing! You are quite a hoot to have around and I cannot wait to party it up with you in the mansion!

rangerr's avatar

@KatawaGrey YES. Can we have laser lights and everything? And techno? Oh God. I’m making myself want to dance.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

I’m duckin out of the private facilities to join the party wing tonight. Woot!

RareDenver's avatar

Congratulations on your 10K

Bluefreedom's avatar

Congratulations on this great accomplishment!

KatawaGrey's avatar

@rangerr: Sounds like an AWESOME plan!

mangeons's avatar

Congratulations, Rangerr! You’ve deserved to be in the 10k mansion for quite some time now, it’s a wonder that it’s taken you this long! You are one of the funniest, nicest people here on Fluther. Congratulations! (:

chels's avatar


rangerr's avatar

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Yeah! Be social!
@RareDenver Thank you, Denver!!!!!!
@Bluefreedom Thank you! <33
@KatawaGrey YES.
@mangeons Aw, Jeez. Thanks! :)
@chels pewpewpewpewpewiloveyoutoomamapewpewpewepewwwwwwwwpewpewNBD.

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

A tad late, but congrats all the same!

BTW, this is such a nice 10k question. Sometimes I feel bad for the users that hit 10k and all they get is a question like, “ANOTHER person hit 10k?

cak's avatar

When I started Fluthering again, she was so kind to me, right away. Funny, kind and a Star Wars junkie – what a combination! Congratulations! We’re lucky to have you!!

ratboy's avatar

Excellent work.

Jeruba's avatar

Oh, @rangerr, my @rangerr! Welcome, welcome, welcome. I love you to bits. You are definitely one of the coolest and warmest souls around here, and I just want to enfold you in a major hug.

forestGeek's avatar

Hot damn @rangerr, happy 10K to you!! This is very well deserved for sure and I look forward to the next 10K. Congratulation, enjoy the party and cheers!!

Val123's avatar

That’s my girl! Congratulations!
When I saw this my first thought was….Pete’s not throwing his OWN 10K party, is he? :)

augustlan's avatar

Madi! I love you, girlie. Congrats to one of the nicest people I know. <3

Tink's avatar

Madi I love you so much! You’re a good listener and advice giver. I have gotten to tell you things so quickly before I even knew you. You really are an awesome person/friend.


rangerr's avatar

@toomuchcoffee911 The wording of this question made my heart melt. I couldn’t even compare when I made his. And thank you!
@cak You are amazing. I hope you know that. <333 Thank you!
@ratboy Thank you!!!!!
@Jeruba Oh man. You are such an inspiration. Such a great lady. Thank you.
@forestGeek Thank you! <333333
@Val123 I wanted to throw my own, to be honest. Haha. Thank you!!! <3
@augustlan I love you too, Auggie! You are fantastic. <33 Thank you.
@Tink1113 Tinkbaby. You are my little sister. I love you so much. <3

SeventhSense's avatar

Way to go. I enjoy your thoughtful reflections.

Arisztid's avatar

@rangerr I am very pleased to have met you yesterday. :)

Violet's avatar

The force is strong with this one.
Congratulations on reaching 10K

Aethelwine's avatar

@rangerr I know you’re not a girly girl, but I think you deserve a makeover today. Now give that boy a kiss!

Tink's avatar

@jonsblond That’s so cool, haha.

rangerr's avatar

@jonsblond OH MAN. You are too fantastic. <33333333

Aethelwine's avatar

@rangerr anything for you :D

Dog's avatar

I cannot believe I nearly missed this! I have been waiting too! WOW! This is so totally awesome!


Okay- first off your suite is really unique. It is attached to Pete’s penthouse farm.
It has 120 acres of prime grassland with a huge state-of-the-art barn for your horses. There is a wing on the mansion that has a second floor that has an elevator that only goes up. Yes- that is right it only goes UP. In order to get out there is a door that is a straight drop into an inflated stunt airbag.

There is a snow machine for summer bikini parties and a huge pool. You also have your own demolition track on the far end of the property so that you can practice your defensive driving. Oh and your suite comes with a new pickup truck.

When will you be arriving? I will have to tell your ranch hands when to report in.

Oh and Sarcasm will be your pool boy. ;)

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@Dog I’m not sure Peter is gonna be thrilled about the idea of Sarcasm being Miss Rangerr’s pool boy. :O

Dog's avatar

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Why not? Bernard is my pool boy and my husband does not mind. ;)

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@Dog Oh, OK. Well if nobody minds, then perhaps I should submit an application. I could be available to all the Fluther ladies. Anybody need a masseuse? Bartender? Ice Cream Chef? :)

rangerr's avatar

@Dog Oh, Puppy! That sounds fantastic. You know me so well, it’s insane. You can be the first to ride the horses with me. :) I love you, puppy! And of course Kevin will be the pool boy!
@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Oh, you’re doing massages? Every day after I get back from the barn? That sound good to you?

Dog's avatar

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities :D Why yes! There is always room for a masseuse!

Dr_C's avatar

I volunteer to be @Dog ‘s cabana boy!
naughty cabana boy

rangerr's avatar

@Dr_C Hey whoa whoa. There are innocent ears around here! Save it for the pool!

Val123's avatar

@Dog Rangerr isn’t allowed to wear bikinis…..OR hang out with boys…..

erichw1504's avatar

I’m waaaaaayy late, but… Amazing job rangerr!! you are one of the coolest jellies to ever grace Fluther! Keep on lurvin’!

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@chyna You got it! Would you like that pina colada now?

nebule's avatar

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I could really do with a massage!

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@lynneblundell Whew, it’s a busy day today! Does 3pm work for you?

rangerr's avatar

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Can I train you to come at the sound of a whistle?

nebule's avatar

anytime hunny x

jfos's avatar

@rangerr If you use the sound of breathing, you could have him changing undergarments all day.

rangerr's avatar


rooeytoo's avatar

oh my gosh, I am so late, Rangerr, I apologize, but hey it is great that you are here! Maybe we can get some barrel races going!

rangerr's avatar

@rooeytoo Oh my, yes! I can’t wait.

mcbealer's avatar

@rangerr you’re well beyond the 10K mark now, and although I somehow missed this thread I wanted to say that I’ve always appreciated all of your contributions here on fluther, and well… now that I got the chance to meet you and hang at Earth Day I wanted to say your jelly wisdom is wise beyond your years, and you are a most vibrant jelly!!

Happy Belated 10K Day

@petethepothead ~ I had nooooooo idea… wow! this makes me so happy to hear!!
here’s to @petethepothead + @rangerr !!

rangerr's avatar

@mcbealer Thank you! You are a lovely person ♥
As is Pete.

asmonet's avatar



kenmc's avatar

Happy 10K 2 thousand, 7 hundred, and 30 lurve ago!

rangerr's avatar

@boots Hahahaha. Thank you ♥

Dutchess_III's avatar

Hey…did I ever make this party? Sniff.

rangerr's avatar

I don’t know why I just got a notification of Dutchess’ comment, but this entire thread made me cry.

rooeytoo's avatar

good to see you again! where you been hiding?

Dutchess_III's avatar

Wow…time travel!!

El_Cadejo's avatar

@rangerr ohhhhh hey there stranger

Dutchess_III's avatar

This was asked in 2010, @uberbatman!

El_Cadejo's avatar

@Dutchess_III I know, I answered this question originally March 15th of 2010

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