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♥♥♥ What absolutely amazing person just hit 10K ♥♥♥?

Asked by arnbev959 (10888points) March 15th, 2010

Fluther is full of amazing people, it’s true. But this person is, I dare say, the most amazing person I’ve come across here, or anywhere for that matter.

Trying to describe her would futile; language is far too restrictive. Words are simply unable to express how incredible she is.

She is by far the most compassionate person I’ve ever known. She’s an animal lover, a star lover, a tea lover. She is a great friend, and an all around great person.

Her contributions on Fluther are evidence enough. Looking at her answers, it’s really a wonder she didn’t hit 10k long ago. The collective is really lucky to have her. Each and every one of us should consider ourselves privileged to even know her.

So, what absolutely amazing, completely fantastic, magnificently wonderful person just made it into the Great 10K club?

That’s right: it’s rangerr!

Now what are you all waiting for? Let’s roll out a few barrels of mango tea, make our way through the starlit night out to the farm, and get this party started!

I love you times all the stars (times infinity.)

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