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Does anyone know how to change your profile name on Fluther?

Asked by JeffVader (5426points) March 15th, 2010

Well…. I’d like to know how to change my profile name & haven’t found a way so far, all help is very welcome.

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PM a moderator. I recommend her and maybe she can help you out.
I think they’ll only do so if you have a good reason. Normally, you’re stuck with the name you got.

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@Vunessuh Many thanks for that…. sadly, my reason is not a good one, so I’ll have to try me luck. Thanks again & live long’n’stuff :)

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Good luck, soldier.

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Send Anderw $20.

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@ChazMaz Hah, do you think he’d accept a postal order? :)

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I don’t think it’s as big a deal, as long as you aren’t at 5K yet.
Send me a PM with your new name, and I will add you.

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