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Where do find a list of topics on fluther?

Asked by AshlynM (10192points) March 15th, 2010

On the bottom right, I see “Topics” in blue with a list of different categories…but other than that, is there another place to search for topics on fluther?

Plus, is that all the topics there is?

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This is not yahoo answers. Sorry to disappoint you :\

In fluther, we just answer questions related to our interest, either when they come up or 6 weeks later. It doesn’t matter, questions never “Close” like they do in Yahoo, and there aren’t any winners. It takes some getting used to, you’ll get it eventually ^_^

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Also, try editing your profile! Put lots of things you like, and things related to you, so fluther knows what questions to give you!

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At the top right corner of the page is a white search box.

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If you click on a specific tag in a question, like fluther or topics, in this question, you will be brought to a page listing questions tagged with that word.

The url will be it is you want.

So, if you wanted to see questions about rabbits, for example, just go to
And if you want questions about jazz, just go to

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