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May seem like an odd question, but, have you ever loved someone, then some time later (on in the relationship), you fell in love with them?

Asked by Jude (32112points) March 15th, 2010

Oy. I’ve been dating a woman for over a year now. We’re the best of friends, have a wonderful time together, I’m very much attracted to her in every which way, and we have this amazing connection. I’ve loved her for awhile, but, I must say just recently, I’ve fallen in love with her. You all know that feeling – I miss her terribly, miss having her in my arms, my heart beats faster just thinking about her, I miss her kisses (the intimacy), and my heart fills up when I think about her.

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No, can’t say I’ve ever experienced that but I’m happy for you, :)

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What a beautiful question. She is very lucky to have you. Yes I have, am, experiencing those feelings. Your question brought tears to my eyes. I’m going to text my boyfriend now and tell him I love him.

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Yes, the love of my life was like that. We were colleagues & friends for quite some time, then one day, wham!!! It hit me like a bolt of lightning…. I can actually remember sitting there after she left the room & saying to myself “I could get into a lot of trouble with this girl”.

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I fell in love first with my boyfriend, and after a couple of months he said he loved me and I said I loved him too, so I started loving him after a while, instead of loving him first and then falling in love with him. Am I making any sense here? =P

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Sir, you have just fallen in love and you are experiencing something that most other people never experience in their lifetime. congratulations. i only hope the other half feels the same way, too.

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@john65pennington as @Dibley said, I’m a lady. And, yes, she does feel the same way.

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@jjmah Then you are both so very lucky. Treasure it.

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I have “love surges” with my husband. I always love him, but sometimes I get the powerful “in love” feelings all over again. It’s just nice to be with someone who is your best friend. I’m happy for you.

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Yes, it happened that way for me. Enjoy!

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Yes, that is what happened with my husband.

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@all =)

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@john65pennington You’re striking out today, huh?

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I think it is important to first love someone as a friend, then fall head over heels ‘in love’ with them.

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No I haven’t but it sounds wonderful…really hope it works out for you both xxx

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Yes, with my husband.

But then there are other times I just want to strangle him.

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Yes, its a wonderful feeling. And also knowing that you can tell that person anything. And what i like the most it when my s/o is speaking to me about his day or anything i find it so interesting.

I am happy for you.

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This is how it happened between my husband and me. I took caution in falling in love with anyone after a bad break up I had. Then I met Justin. It took me three months to realize that he was actually good for me, a year to realize I wanted to be with him for the long haul, two years to realize that, wow, we were getting married and I wasn’t scared or sad about it. Now, we’ve been married 3½ years and I’ve fallen deeply, madly, crazily in love with him within the last year and a half or so. He’s perfection in my eyes.

It feels so good- I’m so happy for you!

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@ubersiren What a sweet answer.

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Thank you, @Dibley :)

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It’s not an odd question at all. Yes many times, I have been married a long, long time and it’s happened to me many times. I’ll glace over at him every now and then and get hit with a huge wave of new overwhelming love for this man I’ve loved for 31 years.

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That’s so sweet! I’m very (jealous) happy for you!!!!

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Happened that way for me with my husband (soon to be ex husband :( ...) but yes it is wonderful and real and just how it should be. the trick is having the other person feel the same way at the same time. that much is rare. it’s a beautiful experience though, and is typically long lasting. I agree with the others who said that she is lucky to have you!

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Of course. Over the term of a long loving relationship you fall in and out of love on a cycle.

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