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What is your idea of the perfect video game?

Asked by ragingloli (47575points) March 15th, 2010

Describe it to us.
Mine is like this:
The game starts out in the stone age, with development of your civilisation through the ages, like the Empire Earth series, with the city building complexity of the Sim City 4, the strategic scale surpassing that of Supreme Commander, expanding it to a global scale, while always having the option to control individual units from a first or third person perspective on the battlefield. Once you reach the space age, it should be a mix of Galactic Civilisations and Sins of a Solar Empire set in a fully 3D universe, where stars are scattered through all 3 dimensions, as it was done in the space age of Spore and not just in a plane as with most games. And I want the ability to control individual starships and fighters as well.
All of that with superb graphics รก la Crysis.

And now I am depressed, as I know such a game will never be made.

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I love yours – mine would have to involve Dr. House falling in love with me.

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Anything where I can shoot something else.

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Mine would be Zelda-ish.

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I would like one where things were not trying to off me all the time. Something where I could seek hidden treasure or solve mysteries with minimal fighting. (I do not mind some fighting but a couple of games things just attack you at every turn. It is too frustrating.)

It has to have a really good plot and require some thought and observation- but not as much thought at Myst.

I love to be able to be invisible, breathe water, explore caves, crypts etc. Flying would be interesting.

But really just give me a good mystery and plot and I am good.

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Test Drive: Unlimited + Great American Cross Country Road Race + Cannonball Run

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I’d go old school. Something like PacMan, but PacMan would be Dr. J and the ghosts would be trolls.

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I prefer the first “video game.”

Hide the sausage.

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All of the SuperMario Brothers games, but especially Super Mario III and Marioworld…

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The first Halo, on the computer, without lag, lead, or latency, with a broader competitive base, without the flamethrower, with dedicated support, with a reliable anticheat, with updated graphics….

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Koei Corporation’s Nobunaga’s Ambition for NES

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World of Warcraft, but completely player vs player based, and a dynamic world. No more huge amounts of questing and grinding (there could still be some, of course), but a lot more emphasis on the “War” part between the factions (kill enemies for experience, take over towns, defend towns, etc). One of the fundamental facets would be that you couldn’t attack anyone 15 or 20 levels lower than you, and vice versa.. which would solve A LOT of problems.

The world should be dynamic in a large scope and a small scope. If a zone is frequented by a lot of people, it gains importance: you get better rewards for questing there, more experience for fighting, and there are more Non-Player Characters; in general, it’s a busier place. There are more shops, more trade, more activity. Down to the small things, like people running over a certain path for a long time would make it bigger and more well worn, or when it rains or snows, the land is actually covered, and it effects how the game is played (hit chances, agility, stability, etc). Built in, high quality voice chat would be essential too, something they never seemed to understand. I also think that each server should have it’s own story line, effected by the choices the players make as a whole (which quests they complete, which instances they clear, who is winning the faction battles and all that.) Each server should be isolated from the rest, as throwing a bunch of people together randomly in instances and battlegrounds really degrades the community.

Or just a Zelda MMORPG

I don’t play WoW or any other games anymore. I’m sure amazing games will come out in a few years, but for now they all seem like rehashes, and I also have a problem with playing them way too much.

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A blend of Forza 3 and every street ever, conglomerated from Google Earth into one massive free-roam mode.

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Etherian Life
A MMORPG game focused around the malleability of a ‘sandbox’ world. Focused on learning more about living in the real world. Item creation, vast map with natural boundaries. AI systems. Projected to be an educational yet fun game.

The skills reside in the user, knowing how to do something is your ‘skill’. So the whole game revolves around education. Models will resemble the real world as close as possible with sources based on research and experts of respective fields. So time you spend in the game, will actually be useful for your outside endeavors.

Full description etc:
We’re 4 developers so far, you’re welcome to join.

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Any game I can at least compete with my kids at instead of being owned all the fuckin time,damn their hides.Alas I don’t think such a game exists… sigh!

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If your girlfriend leaves you and you get fired from your job and all your friends hate you for not returning their calls, and your parents disown you and your house is full of cobwebs and credit agencies are suing you for lack of payment… you’ve got a great video game.

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Prototype obviously.

in reality, I want a scifi futuristic “Aliens are all up in our shit!” MMORPG that doesn’t fail. You know, like Tabula Rasa and Fallen Earth, but without the failing aspect.
Add in some Hellgate London and Borderlands for good measure.

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Star Wars meets Doctor Who meets Top Gear.

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I’d love another game like Castlevania Symphony of the Night, but with gameplay that is a little more balanced. Include moar gawth and dramatic plot please.

Or just release the Saturn version again. I’ll be happy.

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The Classes and Controls of Modern Warefare 2, in a Left 4 Dead 2 environment.

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@rangerr Top Gear cannot be integrated into a video game because no video game creator could ever be able to shape the television show’s unprecedented levels of awesome into a video game.

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Nothing beats Doom 2.

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Capcom vs square enix
(marvel vs capcom style)

or another Super Mario game (2d)

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@PhillyCheese Damn straight. I’d love to see Akuma give a pounding to that little bitch Tidus haha.

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yeah. tidus was so useless as a fighter

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We’ve been getting a bunch of badly-translated Japanese advertisers here recently.

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I would like to play a lv 0 commoner from dungeons and dragons and play the character select screen like a video game where you efforts affect your stats and you end the game at lv 100 and a minor god… sort of like Baluders gate but instead of beginning at lv 2 you start at lv o or born and attend school an your stats/score is correlated to your marks in real life school.

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Where one wakes up as an alien taking on human form and going through the motions
of human lifes ups and downs and he has to report to the Mothership all that he
experiences. From birth,young child,teenager,young adult,adult,then all kinds of relationships,
marriages,having children,empty nest symdrome,divorce,remarriage,chatting online on a site shared by others internationally.
Scenes change as he goes through each level.
Scores when he survives intact and reaches Wiseman capacity.
Then writes a report( tell all book) about it.

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in in the final scene you see the signature of the player character: “Barack Obama”

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@ragingloli that already happened in Secret of Mana

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