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How would you go about increasing the visibility of older questions on fluther?

Asked by phoebusg (5241points) March 15th, 2010

We’re all flutherites here, witnessing the same thing. Sometimes new questions are brilliant, sometimes repetitive or lacking that interest.

As a web designer, or a user. How would you increase the visibility of good questions. We already have a great question lurve system which we could use. Do we need more?

Any ideas in order to solve this problem and increase usability. If you gain momentum, maybe you can come up with a good idea to solve the repetitiveness. Encouraging others to search for older threads and using them instead.

Let the brainstorm begin…

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Move the Topics cloud up the page

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It would be nice to have a special area for aging virgins. Questions that have been around for a while that haven’t been answered.

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Highlight the SEARCH function

@IchtheosaurusRex you can find them under the ORPHANS tab

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I hope someone comes up with something. I’ve gotten modded and when my question finally posts it’s so far back that no one sees it. I have no idea how to fix this. I’ll give it some thought…

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Removed by me because I was not paying attention and njnyjobs already said what I was thinking

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@njnyjobs , I see. You have to get that from the main page. Many thanks.

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we need an option to view by latest reply.

when you go to fluther, we see a list of posts according to when the questions were asked. we need a separate tab that lists them according to most recent reply. that way, when there’s new activity on an old question, it’s brought back up to the top.

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@ninjacolin a BUMP to the topic. . . . that’s not a bad idea. . . . but what’s the incentive to search for a topic?

I’ve been to some forums, that actually gets a poster to a page asking them to confirm if they had used the search function before allowing them to post the question.

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Improve the search function so you can actually find questions using it. Sometimes the key words find the relevant question; sometimes not.

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What you need is a fully customizable search function that will allow you to set as many parameters as you need to find the kind of thing you’re looking for. You know: date, author, lurve given, topic, etc, etc.

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fuck it. let’s just get fluther implants directly into our brains so we know everything going on on fluther at all times regardless of where we are or what we’re doing.

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@ninjacolin You mean you don’t have one yet?

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The siblings feature works pretty well at finding similar stuff. I wish it was incorporated into the question asking process. Maybe something like this but pretty and not done in two minutes.

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