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I want to buy a Pinnacle Systems - PCTV HD PCI Card TV Tuner with PVR so I can download tv shows and put them on my ipod will it work?

Asked by jdogg (871points) March 6th, 2008

First of all would the videos have copyright protection and second could i record directly from the cable cord( i have directtv) and last i have vista, is it vista compatible. Thanks.

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I know you are a PC guy but this would be effectively answered on apple’s support discussion board. Go to

Access discussions and ask your question there. Good luck

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The videos wont be copyrighted to the point they are going to lock it if thats what you were thinking. You will be able to save them as your favorite codec and do what you want. And yes, you would be able to record from cable, also if you have vista home premium or ult., you can also use Media Center to record and get TV listings and schedules. And if your PC isnt good with space, i would also like to recommend getting a bigger HDD, cause those files get pretty big, upwards 300MB+ depending on how you record it.

Now to your ipod, yes you will be able to do that too, after you record the show, you would convert it using a plethora of programs out there. Hope that helps

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