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Where would you suggest to go for spring break 2010?

Asked by njnyjobs (7587points) March 15th, 2010

Spring break is the week between Palm Sunday and Easter. The troop usually takes this time to visit new places. In the past, we flew to places like FL, GA and CA. After the 9/11 event, we have been doing road trips. We’ve covered places up and down the Eastern Seaboard and Quebec. Right now we’re still undecided, but contenders are Toronto (GTA) and Ohio.

From NYC, where would you suggest we drive to and what should we be looking for and/or avoid along the way and at the destination?

Looking for family/teen oriented responses. Thanks.

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Toronto is a wonderful city.

If you are willing to fly, Orlando has some great vacation packages right now—very cheap.

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What is GTA?

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GTA is Greater Toronto Area, which includes the suburbs of Toronto.

We’ve been to Orlando several times, and the next time we’ll probably go there is when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is open. For now, we’re doing a road trip.

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Lets see…......Haiti and Chile are out. Mexico is too dangerous. so, i have one of two choices for you Alaska or Nashville. Alaska is gorgeous. its an untouched country. i have been there and fell in love with it. since i live in Nashville, i can highly recommend a summer vacation here. The Opryland Hotel(5 stars) is world renoun for its beauty and services. bring your camera. you will always see some country music artists here and Music Row will fasinate you. if you love music, you will love Nashville. we have more sunshine than the state of Florida and two beautiful lakes to swim or catch fish. many people who vacation in Nashville, end up moving here. john

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@john65pennington been to both places. I stayed at the Opryland Hotel once and found it to be too tiring: parking lots are so far out of the way, check-in/out process is confusing and the indoor athmosphere is too active. It is a nice place to visit though. We’ve also travelled a few times to East TN for the rafting, attractions and racing, (points between Pigeon Forge and Bristol/Johnson City)

I doubt I can drive to Alaska and back within the time constraint.

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If you’re driving, my suggestion is out – Corpus Christi has some great beach condos for the holiday, but it’s more a college hang out.

How about a camping trip to Mt Rushmore?

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@YARNLADY Thanks, but not driving that far . . . . I wish you read the whole post, not just the header, including the rest of the previous responses.

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I did read them, and I still stand by my answer. Are your plans written in stone?

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You might want to ask new questions about Ohio and Toronto specifically, because there’s no detail here about what to see and do.

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It’s okay, @njnyjobs. She always ignores the details of my questions too.

I would go with Toronto. Ohio’s okay, but Toronto has a lot more pizzaz. How old are the kids?

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