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Our resident pothead hit 10K!

Asked by rangerr (15765points) March 15th, 2010

We all know and love him…

Petethepothead just made it into the 10k mansion!

Congrats, my love. You are one of the deepest thinkers I know and an amazing person. Why you didn’t hit 10K before now, I have no idea. You are so great. Well deserved!


I was going to rant, but you talked enough for the both of us on my thread. You already know how I feel. I love you. timesallthestars.

Even if you haven’t seen Star Wars.

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Yay! My favorite pothead evah! Much love to you pete! :D

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I love it that he hit it the same day as you, girl!

Puff, puff, give

Congratulations, Pee-ah (said in a Bree-ish accent)!!

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I lurve you, Pete. Here’s some congratulatory cake. Be warned, it may have some… uh… side effects.


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10k, pass it my way.

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PETEY. You’re like a brother to me :). I love your face off lots and lots. Congrats on 10k <3 <3!!!!

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a large party is in order – now meet me on the moon and we’ll celebrate :)

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Woohoo! I never had a favorite pothead until fluther!

(and I thought it said ‘Wee and tea for all’....)

I’m doing 10K hops in your honor and rangerr’s (because I forgot to do 10K on her honorary question and I can’t do 20K right now.)

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I can’t believe it took you this long!

Congrats to you, petethe10Khead.

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Hey pothead congrats on hitting 10k! I would send you a bowl but I don’t smoke. Keep up the good work.

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Congratulations to one of my favorite Flutherers and a great all-around guy! Your posts are always wise beyond your years.

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Petey! You’re an awesome, loving guy, and you definitely deserve every single point.

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Congratulations to a well deserving, long time jellyfish!!
I always look forward to your thoughtfully written posts. You are truely a valued member of the collective!

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Oooh, congrats.

Passes joint


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Sweet =)
Break out the celebratory bowl for the good stuff!
Congrats, Pete

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YAY PETE!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this thread for a long time! So glad you made it and surprised only in that it took you this long! Very well deserved!!!! Time to break out the special tea for the party!

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All hail the Pothead! In token of all your good stuff, which bowls us over, weed like to congrassulate you, buddy.

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CONGRATS to Petey!
Cannabis pancakes for you! And may they be free of seeds and stems, my friend.

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Congrats Pete! :D

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Congratulations Mr. Pothead. I’m happy to have made the acquaintance of someone of your ways… and means.

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Special brownies and cookies, all around! WOOHOO!! What a day!! Congratulations, my friend!!

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Doooooooood. Congrats, Pete man. Let nothing harsh this mellow.

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Damn. Why do I have the munchies all of a sudden?

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Yea Pete! I have made a special batch of brownies for you and you can find them in the “smoking” room of the mansion. Congrats to one of my all time favorite jellies.

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@petethepothead I love taking the piss out of you when you fall asleep at the post, but when you finally finish one, it is well worth reading.

I see that @rangerr has you all sewn up, but if you’re ever looking for a more mature -err, Bubby – I’ll make you some chicken soup.

Mazel Tov, bubbeleh! You’re a real sweetheart even if you are jailbait!

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Break out the Bong and the Good Stuff!!! Congratulations!

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It sure do look funny seeing @AstroChuck‘s posts today. I keep looking to see who it really is!

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@janbb (We should all steal his avatar and use it as our own…)

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Wow! so many all at once.
It’s like when 9 months after a black-out there is a rise in the birthrate.

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S PtP. I hope your short-term memory holds out long enough for you to remember you hit 10k ; )

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Congrats Petey! Keep up the oh-so-thoughtful responses :-)

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Petey! I love you, man. Congratulations to one of the finest people I know. <3

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Joe told me that my question was fail. So Here, Pete.

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Congrats, Petey. Much <4

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Much lurve (puff) to you on your big day!!!

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I always knew the sticky icky made us smarter ;) CONGRATS!

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Hell yes petethepothead, cheers and congratulations to you!!

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My dear Peter!!! Congratulations!! Way to be fantastic and luckily on the same day as your sweetheart :)

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And they say it causes a lack of motivation…BAH!

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Spliff time to celebrate 10K!! Nice going!

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yay Pete!! congratulations :)

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Congratulations, Pete! I for some reason thought you had hit 10k a long time ago, and was surprised that you hadn’t when I saw this thread. You’re a wonderful contribution to this site and we’re lucky to have you. Congratulations again, Pete!

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Peter congrats! Even though you woudn’t tell us your real name… I’m not a big fan of tea other than that rasberry Brisk kind. But I’ll accept some of that plant.


This is so cute, both lovers composed eachothers 10k post. Awwww :P

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@tink Hi, little penguin buddy!

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R ɐ ʇ S ! ! ¡

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@janbb Dammit, you know how I am with my 10k posts!

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@Fred931 Sorry I stepped on your toes.

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@Fred931 hahaha :P
Hi @janbb!!

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@Fred931 Now I’m sorry and grossed out too!

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Congrats Pete, top top job :-)

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Puff Puff past..congrats!

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All right! Finally another smoker in this mansion. Grgl, grgl, grgl…blow

You are one of the best jellies. You were one of my first contacts in this place. Hurry it up. I don’t like having more lurve than you.

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Apparently, the 20k mansion is actually reached through a Narnia-portal-like entry within the 10k mansion. I thought they existed on different properties…

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Pete! You haven’t seen Star Wars, either!? I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE. :: fistbump ::

Congrats on 10K. :D

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An accomplished Stoner? Nice!

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Congratulations and welcome to the 10k mansion!

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Yeah, Pete!!! It’s about time. ;) Congrats, man.. doobs on me!!

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Way to go Pete! I gotta say, you really are one of my favorite people on this site. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nasty post from you and you are always happy to have a little chat. :)

@rangerr: I think he can join us in the party wing. :)

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Congrats pete!

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@KatawaGrey Yes, please :)

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Dude…,.dude….I mean…man…stoked….so cool about the….the uhh..ummm…O man I forgot.

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There’s so many extensions to the mansion these days I’m surprised the builders can keep up! Great work Pete, I look forward to your future posts!

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Congrats @petethepothead! Whenever I read your comments I feel torn between the desire to go for a bike ride and the desire to binge on snack foods.

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Congrats!!! WTG!!!! Hope you remember this!

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Nom nom nom, brownies! Congratulations!

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Awwww Pete! We have been working on your suite for over a month!

You have the entire roof with a large spacious quarters and a full acre of rooftop garden! You have a dedicated gardener to help you tend it as well as a chef.

You have a new computer system and a magnificent study to write in with surround sound and all the creature comforts including fireplace.

Your penthouse has a 360 degree view of city, ocean and mountains.

Oh- and we are all hanging out in the penthouse with you tonight for your big party!


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Keep on tokin’, congrats!

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@Dog: Sounds fabulous! I’m sure Pete and his lady friend will spend many a warm summer night asleep under the stars. :)

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Congrats @petethepothead!!! Cupcakes for this special occasion!

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@Cupcake – The special cupcakes, if you please! ;)

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Grattis som bara den!

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Wow, congrats! (Tries to keep smoke in) Here, hit this!

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Puff puff pass, give this one to Pete! Congratulations, now please open a window and air this place out!

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Congratulations Pete!!

Nice to have you in the mansion. Just don’t eat me when you have the munchies.

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Oh no – he’s fallen asleep again!

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@janbb: I have lots and lots of thank yous to write out, so I’m going to be composing for hours. But I’m not sleeping! :P

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Congratulations!!! :)))

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@petethepothead go ahead and take a nap. It’s going to be a looong night! The party just started.

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@petethepothead They are right. You have a silly sleep schedule right now. You need sleep.

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@rangerr I woke up at three today. And I’m not the one who has to get up for a test tomorrow. You need sleep.

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@rangerr You still went to bed after 6 a.m.

arnbev959's avatar

@rangerr See, even @rangerr agrees with me. You went to bed after 6 am. Now get some sleep!

ps: iloveyou.

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Congrat-... wake up!... congrat-.... are you even paying attention? ..... Congratulations…. I said congratulations! ... On reaching 10K!

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If there’s ever a reason to bust the cake out the frizzer, this is it! (Stupid firefox… don’t underline “frizzer” like it’s not spelled right.) I think we all have the munchies from this thread! Lurve and congo-rats to you, Pete!

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where’s the box of tissue? get ready for @whatthefluther :)

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@petethepothead P.S: I love you more. So there.

arnbev959's avatar

@rangerr: Nuh uh. You’re never going to win this argument. You might as well stop trying. I love you more, and that’s that.. <3

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What can I say…..pete knows I love him. Don’t be fooled by “thepothead” tag on his name…...hell, pete isn’t even his real name. Altho we are miles apart on age, pot is a common denominator between us, but it is a substance we both enjoy, have control over and is used with care at appropriate times and places.
Pete is not your typical pothead. This guy has brains, is artistic and creative and is full of love and compassion. He is kind, considerate and respectful. He is also a lot of fun and one hell of a nice guy. Yeah, it may have been the “pot” that initially drew me to pete, but he has proven to be a wonderful friend as well as a terrific jelly and an invaluable moderator. I’ve gotten to know and love a lot of jellies, but I have learned all their names. Not so with pete. And I’ve never asked him for his name, because frankly (it wouldn’t be frank, would it, pete?), it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. My love, admiration and respect for this guy transcends names and even ever meeting in person.
So again, what can I say? I love you pete! Congratulations on your 10K milestone. I am ecstatic to see both you and @rangerr here and look forward to many an evening of kicking back, sipping tea and sharing a bowl or two. See ya my friend…..Gary/wtf

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PETER, my pothead friend, BRAVO!!!! [claps hands]
You’re an amazing person, peter- caring, loving, chill, intellectual, intelligent, mysterious…! You damn right deserve those 10K lurve and more! I am very proud of you, peter. <:)/ (it has a pipe!!)
[edit] Ifuckingloveyoutoo!!

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peter, errr, what is taking you so long? did you fall asleep again or are you too busy smoking weed?

rangerr's avatar

@cyndihugs He’s playing with the bunny, I believe.
Edit: OH I SEE WHAT I DID EARLIER.. Replying to myself = fail. Go me.

cyn's avatar

define “playing”....

cyn's avatar

define “playing”....

rangerr's avatar

You have been crafting a response for over 4 hours, love.

cyn's avatar

I’m even biting my nails and I don’t even have long nails…

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Oh hush. I’m going as fast as I can now.

rangerr's avatar

:) I love you.

arnbev959's avatar

I love you too. <3

Violet's avatar

you’re welcome. Oh wait, you didn’t say thank you! ((pouting with arms crossed))

arnbev959's avatar

And now the post I’ve been working on for the past few hours:

Oh man. I feel so loved right now. Thank you all so much. Fluther truely is like family to me. You’re all great, every last one of you.

@rangerr: adjksdklf. <3 I love you. So much. Really. I won’t even try to describe how much. But it’s a lot. Thank you so much. <333333

@jonsblond: Janet, thank you. Much love to you too. :D

@jjmah: Thankee.

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities: That is a beautiful cake. And big enough so that everyone can have a piece! This is going to be a great party.

@ChazMaz: Don’t worry, I think there’s going to be plenty getting passed around.

@chels: <3 And you are like a sister to me. Thanks for always being there when I need someone to talk to. You’resuperfuckingawesometoo.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir: Thanks!

@sevenfourteen: Thanks, I’ll meet you there!

@autumn43 Awww. Can Rerun and I join you?

@Tenpinmaster: THANKS!!

@J0E: I can’t believe you’re not here already. But, you know what they say. Slow and steady wins the race. I bet you’ll join us here in no time.

@shego: Thanks. If you don’t smoke, will you consider at least having a piece of jeff’s magnificent cake?

@marinelife: Thanks! You’re one of my favorite jellies as well. Can you believe we both joined Fluther in April 2008? I can hardly believe it was that long ago.

@richardhenry: Thanks Rich! You’re an awesome guy as well.

@breedmitch: Thanks! I always look forward to your posts as well. (I can’t believe you’re not at 10K yet yourself.)

@Symbeline: Puff puff. Thanks!

@shilolo: Haha. Thanks. (You’re welcome to my stash anytime.)

@Facade: Thanks! I’ll only bring out the best stuff when you’re in attendance.

@Dr_C: Yeah, I’ve made it finally. I’ll leave it to you to prepare the “tea.” J

@Jeruba: Oh man. I love you. (I tried coming up with a punny response, but with all the smoke in here I’m having trouble.)

@AstroChuck: Yay, Pancakes! Now this is going to be a party.

@toomuchcoffee911: Thanks! :D

@wundayatta: Thanks, “wunday.” I’m glad to have made your acquaintance as well. Yours are some of the most interesting answers on Fluther.

@cak: Cak! Cookies and brownies? YES! <3

@aprilsimnel: Thanks. And I won’t. J

@chyna: Oh man, I can’t wait. The mansion is so big, though, so it might take me a while to find this elusive “smoking room.” Thanks!

@janbb: Like this post? Haha. It’s true, I have passed out at the keyboard before. And sorry, but you’re not going to steal me from rangerr. :p

@Val123: I think I’ve seen about 30 bongs out at this party already. Thanks!

@Lightlyseared: Thanks!

@wilma: Haha. Thanks. With all the lurve in here, I bet we’ll be seeing another wave of 10kers pretty soon.

@figbash: Ha, I think it will. T h a n k y o u.

@ModernEpicurian Thanks you! I will.

@augustlan: I love you too. Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3

@omfgTALIjustIMDu: Thanks! <44444

@uberbatman: YUMMY! Thanks!

@loser: THANKS MAN!

@Chongalicious: ;) Ha ha. It does! Thanks!

@forestGeek: Thanks dude!!!

@IBERnineD: :D Thanks! I assume you’ll make a batch of celebratory cupcakes? <3

@Cruiser: Thanks!! You’re pretty close yourself!

@casheroo: Thanks Cash! J

@liminal: Thank you!

@mangeons: Nope, just made it here. Thank you. I expect to be sending you a 5K congratulatory PM before long!

@Tink1113: I’m sure the servants in the 10K mansion can come up with some raspberry Brisk tea. And as for the plant, why, just take a walk through the gardens and you’ll find plenty!

@Fred931: T han k Y o u.

@OreetCocker: Thanks!

@TLRobinson: Thank you!

@tinyfaery: Thanks! You’ve always been one of my favorite jellies. I’ll try to hurry it up. No promises though.

@MacBean: Nope. I’ve never seen Star Wars either. (I’m not sure I can return the fist bump though—it might make it seem as though that’s something I’m proud of, and I don’t think rangerr would be too happy about that.) Thanks!

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies: Hah, yep. Don’t be fooled by the stereotype.

@Bluefreedom: Thanks for the warm welcome!

@MissAnthrope: Thanks!!! J

@KatawaGrey: Thanks! You’re posts are always great too (especially on the “Great thing” thread!)

@Cheeseball451: Thank You!

@SeventhSense: Thanks man… uhh, what was I saying?… Oh yeah, Thanks!

@FireMadeFlesh: Hah, it’s one of the best architectural teams in the world! Thanks!

@Pseudonym: THANK YOU!!!

@MissAusten: Hah.. That’s pretty much my life. Thanks!

@filmfann: Thanks man! I’ll try to.

@syz: Nom nom nom. Thank you!

@Dog: Oh man! This is awesome! The garden is beautiful! And just in time for spring! I can’t wait to plant. I love the room! THANKS!

@Ansible1: Thanks!!!

@Cupcake: Special cupcakes, I hope. Thank you!!!

@Cartman: Haha. Thanks, mon.

@Trillian: Thanks man. (Try the bong in the smoke room, it’s super smooth.)

@SuperMouse: But you can’t open the window! We’re hotboxing the entire mansion tonight! Thanks!

@cprevite: I think I’ll make a batch of special cookies with that recipe you shared with me (best recipe ever. I make them all the time!)

@lucillelucillelucille: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

@Violet: I’m awake now! Thank you so much!

@ubersiren: If only we can find the frizzer. I think the boy ran off with it. What a shame. Thank you!

@Allie: ALLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!! <4

@whatthefluther: Gary <333. You’re making my eyes tear. You truly are a great friend, (even if you don’t know my real name.) Thank you so much. And yes! Let’s meet for tea and a smoke (out of my favorite pipe) in my new room tomorrow evening. (Bring sccrowell, of course.)

@cyndihugs: Cyndi, you perv. (I will send you that sexology textbook when you turn 18.) :P Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Violet's avatar

wholly crap! That’s the best thank you speech I’ve ever heard!

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@petethepothead 5 hours later… :) I told you that you are amazing. Everyone agrees. I love you. Crazy, random, I’ve become nocturnal, confusing, exciting, comforting, relaxing.. Talking to you is all of that and so much more. You are the most amazing, considerate, respectful, patient, loving, kind and all around fantastic person that I know. I’m terrible with words, so I’m going to stop while I’m ahead (and before Gris punches me).. but once again, Congratulations my love. You’re the best. Stars soon, please.

Val123's avatar

Uhhhhhh….Pete who? O yeah man. That dude…..

fireside's avatar

Congrats Pete!

gailcalled's avatar

And let us not forget Pete’s other virtues. He has picked more blueberries in one season than anyone I know. My kind of guy.

EmpressPixie's avatar

Congratulations, Pete!

Fred931's avatar

@petethepothead You don’t do T H I $ as well as I d0. :P

Blondesjon's avatar

Hey Peter. What’s happenin’?

Sorry I’m late for this one, my friend. Congratulations

In my experience you can be a man of few words but when you have chosen to speak you have said things that have made their way into my Top Ten List Of The Coolest Things Anyone Has Ever Said TO Me. Thank you.

You’ve also taught me that there’s nothing with letting the whole world know that I LOVE ME SOME FUCKING PETER!

rooeytoo's avatar

Hey Pete, I missed you and Rangerr, but better late than never. Welcome to the club. We have a great gang up here for sure!

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PETE I MISSED IT! Sorry, happy 10K day :D

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