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I need a web 3.0 idea that leverages twitter that will make me a millionare. Any ideas?

Asked by wanttobeamillionare (1points) March 15th, 2010

Something easy to use. Something easy to build. Something I don’t need to support.

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A site designed to help people find a third for threesomes in random cities.

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Let me understand this question. You want someone else to give you a super easy idea, that will require no work or support from you in order for you to get rich? Good luck.

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How about a “Web 3.0 Millionaire Idea Generator?”

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I can tell you, but it’d cost you U.S $1,000,000.

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You’re not going to become a millionaire creating something that “leverages Twitter”. You become a millionaire creating something completely original. Something that we can’t conceive of yet, but that after it’s released, we decide we can’t live without.

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Don’t we all.

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Well, look on the bright side. is still available as a domain name. I can’t speak for, though.

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Hey, you stole my idea, I’m going to sue you for $l million.

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@wanttobeamillionare @YARNLADY: Finding someone to sue in Web 3.0 is a possibility. I am sure there will be many lawyer millionaires whose work was only made possible by Web 3.0. Still, would you want to do it?

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A spellchecker.

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Find a way to prevent @wanttobeamillionare schemes from infecting legitimate sites and you’ve got a winner.

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