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My friend and I applied for the same specialty school, but only I got in...How do I handle it?

Asked by freestyletrue (126points) March 15th, 2010

I don’t want to tell her I got in, because I know she’s really upset! How can I handle it? I don’t want to hurt her feelings or make her feel that she isn’t “as good as me”. But I don’t know what I should say to her tomorrow!!!

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It’s not your fault that things are what they are. Don’t break the news about your admission first. If it’s believable, tell her that you have not recevied your notification yet. If not, tell her that you feel real bad about her rejection and wishes that there something that can be done. At any rate, don’t try to rub your success in, if possible, down play it.

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I think you have to tell her if she asks. Tell her how sorry you are that she didn’t get in. Don’t go on and on about your plans for attending the school.

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What? No. Just tell her that you got into the school. She’s your friend, she’ll be happy for you and mad at the school. If she gets mad at you, then… what kind of a friend is she?

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Don’t gloat but enjoy your success you must have earned it. Congratulations.!!!

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I would tell her you got in.

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Very delicately. Don’t volunteer the information and boast about it; wait for her to ask. When she does, announce your acceptance in a matter of fact way. If she seems upset, tell her that you are sorry for her disappointment and how much you were looking forward to going to school together. She may be sensitive for a while, but if she’s a mature friend, she’ll recover her disappointment and will not begrudge your success.

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