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I'm dead tired! Is it better for me to sleep now, or continue to study for my test?

Asked by LeotCol (2275points) March 15th, 2010

I have a Maths exam tomorrow, fun stuff boolean algebra, euchlidean algorithms and the likes. I’m very tired though. Would a good nights sleep benefit me more tomorrow in the exam? Or would I be better off continuing to study, tired as I am and risk being less focused tomorrow?

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Sleep. I’ve tried the same thing many times, and if you can’t be focused enough on the test from lack of sleep, then it does not matter how much you crammed in at the last second. Sleep now. Good luck!

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Have you studied adequately? Tomorrow will be too late to study.

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@marinelife I have studied enough to get by. But I could do better

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It’s far easier to do an exam when you have slept well. The amount of knowledge you could stuff in in that time of learning, especially when tired, really doesn’t stack up to the benefits of getting enough sleep.

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OK, sleep then. Maybe set the clock after seven hours and start studying again.

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Sleep now, it would help regenerate your brain cells and in the information retention dept.

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Depends how much you know vs how much you need to know…and how well you function without sleep.

If it gets to be like 3 hours before test time, I’d recommend not sleeping – I’d likely sleep through the test at that point.

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You need to sleep, if you continue studying when your dead tired you wont remeber and thing. When you are dead tired your brain is starting to shut down and when it is shut down you can’t remeber as much of things.

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Without a second doubt, go to bed, get some sleep and set that alarm clock for some revision! Don’t force yourself to stay awake!

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Sleep and learn.

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Stick with it. Work one of each problem as if you were teaching someone else how to do it. You’ll be plenty energized on test day.

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How can you assume he’ll be energized? The only assumption you can make about someone who says they are dead tired and fails to get adequate sleep is that they’ll be exhausted and foggy at test time.

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Let us study for you! We are experts at doing homework here!

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@SeventhSense, Gee, SS, I guess I can assume it because I have been there and done that a few times. I have a feeling Leo is on top of his game.

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Take a nap, then continue studying.

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A subjective experience is hardly a correlation in this instance.
That’s like me saying “I get sick when I eat shellfish”, and you saying, “I eat shellfish all the time. You’ll be fine.”

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If you’re finding it difficult to study because your eyes keep closing on you, you’d best go to sleep. Besides, all the study you’ve been doing thus far will remain fixed in your head better if you sleep now than if you stay awake. So have a good rest, and revise over breakfast.


If you feel you’ve studied enough, or just enough, I would recommend you go to sleep and wake up refreshed for the exam. However, if you feel like you haven’t studied enough or hardly at all, I would study some more (perhaps a few more hours) then try to get a little sleep in before the exam. When I was in university, I used to study through the night without any sleep, and take an exam feeling tired. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. But I remember sometimes there were things I missed or forgot to cover that were on the exam, and it helped that I studied through to the test.

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sleep first then wake up with some time to study. adderall is very very good in extreme situations when sleep isn’t much of an option and cramming is a necessity…this is illegal though and I don’t condone anything illegal.

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I recently heard a report about some research on this subject. Sleep is more important. Most important. In fact, if you don’t sleep, you will retain very little of what you studied. It’ll be a waste of time. Go to sleep now!

If you take Adderall, don’t make a habit of it. It’s addictive.

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Here’s the reason this question comes up in the first place: your preparation for the test began far too late. Next time plan ahead and enjoy sleeping without regret.

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