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How can I tweak my internet network a bit?

Asked by mrrich724 (8537points) March 15th, 2010

Hey All,

I have a DSL modem, hooked up to an Apple Airport Extreme. I have two networks, mine, and a guest network.

Two questions:
1) How can I (if at all) control how much internet usage the guest network consumes?

2) How can I view if anyone else is on my networks? It is invisible and password secured, but I just want to see if anyone possibly got on. Also, if that is the case, how do I block them/ kick them off?


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Some router firmware has a “quota” function. I don’t know about Apple’s routers, though.

Cisco’s “Network Magic” alerts you to intruders (other stuff does too, but it’s a free download.)

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Change the name of the network and password.

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1) Not possible with Apple AirPort.

2) If you’re concerned about this, limit your network to a set of MAC addresses (aka AirPort IDs) for each computer you want to allow access; this is under the Access tab in the “Airport Utility” application. Also, under Advanced > Statistics, there is a button for “Logs and Statistics” — in here, you can see which computers are connected to the network plus their signal strengths, but you can’t kick them (you must have the “Allow SNMP” box checked in Advanced > Statistics first).

If you don’t have the AirPort Utility software, download it for free from Apple’s web site.

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