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Guys: what do you think of girls with shaved heads?

Asked by squidcake (2636points) March 15th, 2010

About an hour ago me and other kids at my high school shaved their heads for a fundraiser for pediatric cancer.

I was one of about 5 girls who did it. Everyone was telling us how “brave” we are. I suppose it’s because they think girls with shaved heads are ugly, so it’s like we’re making some sort of sacrifice. Which isn’t how I see it..

Anyways, Fluther males/queer females/whoever finds themselves normally attracted to women, what do you think?

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Not wild about the whole shaven look, to be honest.

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Not a fetish of mine although a big fan of the bald beaver.

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it’ll be hot when it grows out to be a pixie cut.

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@SeventhSense Really? Who would’ve thought…

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The perfect time to get that tattoo on the noggin.


I don’t like it. I don’t even like the “short hair” look on girls. I prefer a girl with long, feminine hair. But of course that’s my personal taste.

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I don’t mind it. I could never shave my head because it’s shaped funny, but it’s your head and you can do what you want with it. Screw whatever anyone else thinks. Sinead O’Connor looked hot with it and so can you.

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I’m not really into it.
Not like I find it “ugly”, just lacking “pretty”

Natalie Portman managed to keep her pretty while she was bald. But she had so much prettiness that the hair didn’t matter at all.

In the end, a bad hairstyle only lasts a few weeks. You can always cover it up with a hat as well.
The money you raised may save lives.
I certainly would shave my head for the cause. But I’m a male and there isn’t so much “stigma” about that.

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It’s all good. If the look works, then who can argue? There isn’t a hard and fast rule for looking good.

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Women who have the “balls” to make such a strong statement have definite appeal for me. :) So in that sense… yes, it’s definitely an attractive thing! I think it has a lot to do with attitude.

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Being a person that has lost her hair to chemo treatments, more than once, I’m pretty funny about hair now. It’s not a huge issue, anymore. In fact, now that I know how freeing it can be, hair can be downright annoying at times!

Your strength and commitment to the cause you are supporting (my son had cancer when he was a bit younger – not too long ago, thank you for what you are doing!) outshines what anyone thinks of girls with shaved heads.

Own it! Wear it with or without bandannas and just watch out for the regrowth. Sometimes, it can be a bit annoying.—If you are in a colder area, you’ll notice that you stay that much colder without your hair! Hats keep the noggin warm!

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Ridiculous. Girls do not have penises.
at least, most do not. and even those who have, I strongly doubt hair could grow on it.


@wtfrickinfrack—“women who have the balls”. Too funny.
@ragingloli Lol. Or “balls”.

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@cak: When my mother had cancer, she didn’t lose her hair from chemo treatments. She was always so envious of those people who would get out of the shower and wipe their heads dry. :)

I think that women, like men, have to be able to pull off the look for it to be actively attractive. Let’s face it, there are an awful lot of guys out there who don’t look all that good with shaved heads but nobody bats an eye about that.

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I love bald babes. The less hair the better, man!

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Most definitely appealing! I adore people who enjoy expressing themselves and that seems like a very fun way regardless of gender.

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@KatawaGrey I never thought I would like that feeling, but it did become something that I appreciated!

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Thanks for the support, peeps.
I respect the appeal of long hair.

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I find it quite attractive. And what a wonderful cause to shave your head for.

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Nope, I don’t. Natalie Portman is an exception though, she was sexy even without hair.

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That girl on Star Trek managed to pull it off.

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Kind of fun and spunky as a story from the past, but not so interesting or attractive in the present.

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I want a girl with a shaved head so a part of me can pretend I live in the year 3000 every day.
There are some women who look very attractive with shaved heads but that’s really a lot farther than most women want to go. I think if enough women did it as a fashion thing, they’d get dates easy enough.

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@Captain_Fantasy: I think that goes without saying.

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I had a girlfriend that shaved her head a few times, I didn’t mind it at all. It can look funny though if you have any features that are conspicuous – huge ears or nose for example. Honestly it can be a really cute look on the right girl.

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Hot hot hot… less hair, less shampoo and shorter showers mean faster travel to bed for fun- and I have lees of your hair to chew on and bristles to prickle my stomach and someone to buy hats for…

Good for you giving the support!!!

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I’m not normally attracted to girls with shaved heads. However, if a girl shaved her head for a worthy cause, (as you did) the concept of why you did it would be very attractive.

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I admire your decision to support this cause.
In my book you are a beauty!

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Sinead O’conner – OMG that woman is beyond hot!

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I think at first it’s a little surprising. I know this is simply a cultural thing, but in the west it is fairly rare to see a women with a shaved head. At least, unless she’s unwell…. That being said if you come from West Africa, like my step-mum, it’s actually very common place. I would say after a short while it wouldn’t bother me…. I thought Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta looked really quite hot with a shaved head. & the fact that you’ve done it for charity means ur awesome :)

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looks sophisticated and hot on some women it looks extremely hot

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Women with shaved heads (that can actually pull it off) are absolutely stunning. I’m going to do it when I loose weight. Actually, this question is what brought me to the site (via google)!

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