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Why would a dentist drill holes in my gums over my upper canines before pulling them when doing an immediate denture?

Asked by bstangs (4points) March 15th, 2010

My new dentist drilled a hole above both of my upper canines before pulling them. why? HE WAS DOING AN IMMEDIATE DENTURE.

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Sounds like you need a new dentist already!

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Having forgone my dental training when I was but a youth, I can’t help. But, I would say that in any circumstance your best bet is to ask your dentist what he is doing rather than a bunch of people who would have no clue.

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“Is it safe?”

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I just had a tooth pulled. Albeit was a molar, but he sure didn’t do any drilling before he pulled.

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It may have been necessary, in order to drain an infection in your gums, if you were getting “an immediate denture” it may have been even more necessary, since there wouldn’t be time for a round of antibiotics, etc. Were your gums infected or did you have an abcess? Anyway, call your dentist and ask him or her. I doubt it was done just to torture you. If your dentist can’t give you a valid reason for that part of the procedure, then find a new dentist.

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Jesus christ… I’m happy I brush and floss twice a day.

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Is he mad at you??

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‘holes in your upper gums’? probably to break the teeth, the canines are the strongest and longest rooted teeth in your mouth. Since youre getting dentures, and were very numb, the easiest way is to break them, there may have been some reason your dentist had to, like if they were full of old restorations or decay, and might break apart anyway. That way, you break them and then take them out in pieces.

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Say thank you to him. When mine were pulled, I thought my eyes would go too. I swear it felt like the roots were at the corners of my eyes!

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