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When is a driver actually lost on the road or highway?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7804points) March 15th, 2010

i guess i’m trying to define “lost” here. i know we now have GPS, but there are still those who go by a map or directions printed online. you know what north, south, east and west are. hell, you were a boy scout. you KNOW where you are and where you’re going.

then somebody asks “are you lost?” to which you reply, “no, i know where i am, but these directions suck!”

where does “lost” begin?

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You’re lost when you find yourself in a town called Ludlow.

Also if you get to a point where your directions are useless, that’s lost.

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I know I am lost when I leave Albany and instead of heading towards Boston, I end up seeing signs that say, “Montreal.”

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You are lost when you, as a guy, refuses to stop and ask where you are.

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@chyna, you beat me to it. Or you’re a guy who refuses to turn around and backtrack. These are the same guys, who, when they figure out they are heading the wrong way down a busy road during rush hour traffic, insist on making an illegal U-turn rather than going around the block so they can turn at a light.

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As long as you have gas in the tank, you’re not lost, you’re sight-seeing.
I knew I shudda taken that left at albekoiky!

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@chyna but you, the guy, as the driver, know where you are. you know the direction and everything. you hesitate to ask directions because you know you can find it, but the direx just weren’t detailed enough. you are not lost because you know where you are. is that lost?

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You’re lost when its 2 am in a foreign city that you just arrived in after flying for 30 hours, you think it is 7 am, you have no navigational tools, no time telling device, your vision isn’t good in the dark, and public transit has shut down for the night.

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@lilikoi ok yeah now thats “lost.” when the passenger says “we are lost” and you are just two miles away from that certain destination point, that, to me does not add up as lost. all you can say is “we are not lost.” where does “lost” start? i think you said it well.

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You’re lost when you find yourself in Yosemite when you thought you were in Utah.

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@charliecompany34 In that case, for me, it’s when we have spent more time than I consider is reasonable for locating the destination and it becomes apparent (to me) that simply stopping to ask for directions would be more efficient. Of course, the other person doesn’t always agree.

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@lilikoi nail on the head. probably the end of this thread actually. i shall continue toward the direction of the kitchen where i am broiling fish for dinner to subsequently lose it in my mouth only for it to end up somewhere…

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@charliecompany34 Sorry, I can’t think like a guy. I stop and ask directions the minute I think I’m lost.

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@chyna but you always discover you were so close, you know? so you weren’t really lost after all.

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Perhaps, but I always ask. You, however, do not.

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When driving from San Francisco to Steamboat Springs, CO, we missed the right turn in Salt Lake City. By the time we realized this (right before we got to Wyoming), we realized it would take far longer to go back and take the correct turn, than to simply go around. That’s lost.

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To me, you’re only “lost” if you truly don’t know where you are going. For example, I went on a road trip to San Diego with my boyfriend last summer and we got lost in Los Angeles. We were in the Los Feliz area and we were trying to get back on the freeway, but our phones were dead, we had no maps, and it was getting darker. We drove around in the direction that we thought was the freeway and we just ended up finding a bunch of car dealerships. We were lost.

Luckily, we ended up buying a map at a gas station in Glendale and eventually found our way back to 101. And I am very good with maps and direction. But this time I really was lost. Sure, it could’ve been worse, but that’s where lost begins. When you find yourself just trying random streets to see if gets you anywhere, but it’s not working, you’re lost.

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You are lost when you have no idea if you should get off at this exit. Or for that matter if you are looking for the interstate sign to see which direction it says, and you kinda wonder if that’s really the way you should be going.

You’re lost if you cross the train tracks, uh oh.

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don’t feel bad, I don’t know who got paid for the crapjob of a street planning job Los Angeles is. It’s HORRIBLE.

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When you don’t know which way to go to get where you are trying to go.

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I think there is a definite difference between being lost, and being confused about getting from point a to point b.

I never get lost! Everyone is always telling me where to go!

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The children of Israel wandered around the desert for 40 years. Even in Biblical times, men wouldn’t ask for directions.~

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