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What the heck is Web 2.0?

Asked by jammyjam (34points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone

Web 2.0 what is it used for? What does it do?

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Hilarious question to be asking on this website…;-)

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its like the second version of the Internet in that people are using it in new ways such as social networking

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web 2.0 is centered around social networking and user participation for generating content. a lot of blogging goes on. almost every site has an RSS feed and those little icons to share on your favorite site like digg, or stumble upon.

yes, fluther is a good example of web 2.0, as is twitter, flickr, facebook. it is safe to say that i use these four on a daily basis. there are countless other sites out there…

checkout mashable for news on everything social networking.

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A site is only Web 2.0 if the it has “beta” stamped on the logo.

At a technical level, most 2dotOh sites make use of Ajax, a catchy name for the use of JavaScript to interact with servers without reloading the whole page. This is what happens when your Fluther answer is posted right to the page without a big ol’ round trip to the server.

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