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Do you think a 2004 Ex Honda Element with 68,500miles priced at $8,000 is a good buy?

Asked by joy20 (106points) March 15th, 2010

I would have to have a small section of the clear coat redone~which will run about $200. I took it to a mechanic this morning and he said it’s a sound vehicle with the exception of an air conditioning issue…he said that would run (at the most) $1500…but, he said it could easily just be a $10 replacement to block a leak. The car had many added on features…an amp, a touch screen cd player, a dvd player, and 18in chrome rims. The body and interior is in mint condition too.

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That element machine holds together really well. Those things will rack up some mileage.

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:) Glad to hear it!!! I know Honda is a good make…I just don’t know too much about this specific model. I know I like how it looks and I LOVE that you get all that room and still get low mpg. I really like that the back seats fold up so easily and that the floor is made of plastic b/c I have a dog who sheds. Also I like to paint and it will be so easy to transpost supplies and even a large canvas…But I don’t know if there are any flaws in the 94 model. Have there been many issues in a specific area of the vehicle? Ex: On the Honda Accord the timing belt is one of the first things that needs repair. Does anyone know if the Element has any quirks? Does anyone have a good story that could/should help towards my yes or no decision?

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Never buy anything until you check it out on Carfax. it may cost you a little, but the information has saved many people from buying a lemon or a Katrina car.

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