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I need a jam up recipe for angel food cake.

Asked by sarahboreal (146points) March 15th, 2010

It has to be delicious. I’m want to make it for a friend who is sort of a baking nut. So it can’t be half assed. I got one off of and it wasn’t amazing. Any help would be appreciated!

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Well, Alton Brown is a total FOOD SCIENTIST, so if THIS isn’t good, I don’t know how else to help you.

By the way, there’s another recipe HERE that looks pretty good as well.

Good luck!

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You can’t hardly beat the angel food cakes at your local deli bakery. no muss, no fuss, no bother. why spend all that time attempting to compete with your friend, when your cake is already ready to go?

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@john65pennington well a) I love baking. b) store bought can be nice, but handmade is always better.

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Angel food cake is rarely super fantastic yummy. Is there a specific reason you chose that cake?

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