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Is severe pain common after a leg cast removal?

Asked by snowyowl_ecs (417points) March 15th, 2010

In December I twisted my foot and thought it was broken. After a trip to the emergency room, an orthopedic surgeon, and two x rays I was diagnosed with a severely sprained ankle and foot. I was given a walking boot and sent to physical therapy. After about a month and a half of no improvement my new doctor decided to get an MRI. It turned out that a bone in the middle of my foot was fractured and because I had been walking on it it was actually getting worse. They put me in a hard cast at the beginning of February and I was confined to a wheelchair and crutches. Last Friday they cut my cast off and put me back in the walking boot. The doctor said that I could walk when I have the boot on, but I physically can not put any weight on my foot. It feels like there is an ice pick being shoved up my heel. I can’t even stand on it. Is it common to have such pain after not walking for a long period of time?

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Pain = yes
Stabbing pain = No

Go back to the doctor.

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definately talk to the orthopedist (or whoever put you in the wheelchair).

i’m gonna guess the muscles in you foot are weak from not using them (deconditioned). but the opinion of an expert is required.

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You are using your muscles again!! Stretching them out can be very painful. Also the ligaments are moving again. When I had my leg cast off I had sharp shooting pains on the inside of my thigh for about 3 days.

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I spent one month in a leg cast… after that I needed two years of physio just to walk without cruches…I felt plently of pain when the doctor told me to walk home without warning me that I needed cruches…I never made it two feet…

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Your foot is not properly healed. Go back to the doctor and ask for further treatment.

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Sounds like a heel spur or plantar fascitis. But of course I’m not a doc and I don’t even play one on tv. Perhaps it is time to give them a call. Sometimes a nurse can speak to you on the phone. Your physical therapist might also know the answer.

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Yes, that sounds like my experience. I was in a cast up to the top of my thigh for 4mths after I snapped my shinebone & cracked my knee cap. When the cast was eventually taken off I experienced alot of pain for…. well, years. It was at least a year before I could walk properly on it, probably took 4 mths before I could take my weight without crutches. The bloody thing still plays up every now’n’then & it’s 23yrs later.

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