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How to get rememberthemilk iCalendar to my Android with no lag?

Asked by stephan (59points) March 15th, 2010

Google Calendar can import iCalendar feeds like RTM, but it is notoriously slow (minimum of hours) to sync. Somehow, I need to work around this lag. I want my RTM iCalendar visible on my Android home screen, but there seem to be few/no good iCalendar-capable widgets for Android, most apps use the Google account’s calendar. One hackish solution would be to find a (free?) service which could import RTM’s iCalendar URL and provide an exchange server I can add with Android (much as Google does.) This assumes, of course, said service does not suck at updating as much as Google Calendar does. Ideas?

PS. (I know about the RTM widget, I have a Pro account, but it does not do all that I need.)

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