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as a straight male would you fool around with another guy?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone

this question kind of stemmed from another I read but assuming you are a straight male. Would you fool around with another gay or straight male? How far would you go with it ? Also if you say no but you were really horny, do you think you would cave if the guy was really good looking?

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a fantasy Johnny? haha.

If I were straight… hmm… I’d have to say “hell no man! Cause’ that’s gay”. :P

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ha I knew someone would say that. Not so much a fantasy but I will. Say I do prefer more of the manly man type. I don’t like those flamey gays to much. Nothing against them just not my type ha.

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If you did, you wouldn’t be straight, so the answer is no.

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I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

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I agree with Pupntaco, the act of sex with another man willingly does make you gay, or at least bi. But trust me, if you WANT to have sex with a guy, in any case, your not tottaly straight.

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Fortris is definitely right. If a straight man wanted to have sex with me there isn’t a doubt in my mind he has homosexual interest.

I have no interest in having sex with a woman, I can, physically and medically, but I don’t have the “interest” in it… therefore making me gay.

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Riser: I like the kinsey scale, personally. I’m definitely a one or a two on it.

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The Kinsey scale is excellent.

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@ Riser and @delirium
Oh thank god someone mentioned the Kinsey scale. I was reading all the responses and was already formulating my bitchy response about how research shows that sexuality lies on a continuum and not just the black and white gay/straight. But you two beat me to it ;-) Here is a link for your reading pleasure. The Kinsey Scale

And also everyone should remember that you can move up and down the scale at different times in your life. I have found my self hovering around the 5 and 6 for most of my life.

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according to my parents I am a 3 or 4 but it seems fairy tales don’t just stay in Disneyland.

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Uninterestingly enough, no. Interestingly, however, I get the impression that general consensus isn’t consistent regarding famales (i.e. some girls would fool around) though I may be terribly wrong.

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@neonez that has to do with society’s acceptance of “girl on girl” affection. And for the most part guy on guy affection is seen as a threat. Weather we want to admit it or not the world is run by straight old white guys (for now) and so the images we are exposed to in media are: girl on girl = the hight of sexual fantasy, boy on boy = revolting and sinful

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Noon: While that may be true at least in part, I think it has to do with the differences in sexuality of men and women that are inherent at birth. I mean I generally like to think that I am less affected by society than others and I enjoy being different but the thought of sharing a sexual experience with another male is just unbearable to me. I accept that others may be attracted to it and thats great. But I don’t “get” it and it seams more like a primal instinct thing rather than something that is derived from cultural beliefs.

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I know that, cultural aspects aside, I wouldn’t be against having an intimate experience with another girl. 1/3 is curiosity, 1/3 is that I think that I would be quite good at it, 1/3 is that I would like to know what my boyfriend experiences.

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@Neonez and Noon: It’s off subject, but I find it interesting that when I profess to being bisexual when in a relationship with a guy, everyone finds it naughty and titillating but when in a relationship with a woman, if I profess to being bisexual, the overwhelming response is “oh, so you’re gay”.

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No, I would go exactly nowhere down that path. I can appreciate the aesthetic beauty of a male body but it does not get me excited. I’m a 0 on the Kinsey scale (all hetero male, but not homophobic or intolerant).

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@syz: My guess is that straight men and homophobes both have an unconscious “you’re not like me” reaction to any male who would ahem with males. Straight men have a very difficult time relating to that, and homophobes are afraid or shocked or whatever. So the brain tends to file any man who would ahem with men as somehow in a different category, and many of us just have a category labeled “gay”, especially those who are homophobic such that they avoid thinking about it.

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to defend homophobes, it is rarely because they are questioning their own sexuality. I speak from experience having worked with several homophobic volunteers in a human sexuality panel, only one out of the 35 homophobic men and women questioned had personal conflicts in their own sexuality, most had religious foundations.

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Nathan used to be homophobic. He was always afraid of the guy hitting on him. XD
(In his defense, most gay men he met WERE hitting on him. Three of my now absolutely closest guy friends only befriended me because nate was friends with me and they wanted to date him. Nate is a very very very attractive ballerino and is quite colorful and flamboyant…. after I started dating him people kept coming up to me for months to ‘break it to me’ that my boyfriend was gay. XD)

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i’ve only been in straight relationships, but, yeah, i think i would fool around with it… i dunno how far it would go, i’ve never been on that side of the fence, and yes, if he’s good looking is definately a factor…

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I’m surprised no one has mentioned yet that it is perfectly normal for many teenagers to fool around with other teenagers of the same sex. It’s a part of growing up, even at later stages of puberty.
Johnny, you don’t specify what age you are, but just because you wish to fool around with a guy doesn’t necessarily make you gay. However, if you are feeling a romantic and sexual attraction to males, that’s a different story, especially if you don’t have the same attraction towards females.
Also I’m sorry if you are actually an adult, I apologise. :P

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straight males do not have sex with males period.

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