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Would it change your life if science developed "The Orgasm Pill"?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) March 15th, 2010

Would you still want partnered sex if you could just take a pill and Hit It every time by yourself without having to strum the strings?

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yes. there something in a man’s touch that is undeniably important and necessary for me! no matter how good the toy, girl, or “pill” :)

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Maybe for once I could think with my other head…hm yeah that would nice huh?

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Sex is so much more than just an orgasm. Simple physical contact with another human being is a delight to the senses. It’s the journey, not just the destination.

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The best part of getting an orgasm, is putting in the work.
I would like to try it (or maybe just half of one) so I would for sure have an orgasm during sex/oral though

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We already had the Orgasmatron from Woody Allen’s Sleeper.

And Jane Fonda’s Barbarella had some sort of orgasm machine.

Also Brave New World had Feelies (movies where you felt the sex and orgasmed right there in the theater)

Orgasm Pill

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That takes all the fun out of it…

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Being a man, my mop budget would go up considerably.

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Men would have their savings accounts bursting with money. Once you eliminate the need for poon, there’s no need to buy luxury cars, massive living spaces, and prestigious crap to fill it all (my mahogany library contains many leather-bound books). The things we do to impress (make us look like a good candidate to) women. I’ll take a case of it.

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Dry spell, huh?

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What does this pill do, that I couldn’t already do myself? It wouldn’t change a thing.

(This must be an invention for a market of lazy fat people, where people are too lazy to masturbate. Or too fat to reach it.)

loser's avatar

Would it change my life?!! Hell yes!!! I’d be an unemployed drug addict that never left the house!!!

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I mix it with regular sex… and alcohol.

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Lol it’s a funny question. Larry David should have to argue with his wife about the benefits of an Orgasm Pill on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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Yes! I’ve known some people who I would’ve loved to sneak something like that in their drinks.
You know the kind of up tight people you just know never had a good orgasm or they would’ve learned to unwind a little.
Like spelling/ grammer Natzi’s.

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I’d have to wear Dependz.

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it would certainly brighten up an evening out on the town if you slipped a few to a mortal enemy and watch them squirm all night!!

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I like the idea if slipping it to other people (the pill that is).

Think of the possabilities:

A group of hard-bodies at the beach
Your own live-action porn movie

Your cranky landlord
“Eh, so the rent’s a little late”

The train in the morning
your commute just got a lot more interesting

A retirement home
and out with a smile they go

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The “pill” supposedly already exists: hard drugs like cocaine or heroin. But it’s a dangerous one.

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Are people here being serious? An orgasm without the buildup would hardly be an orgasm. It would be a sperm milking operation. A momentary high, but it wouldn’t mean anything. Without meaning, it loses most of it’s value.

There’s love-making; there’s sex; and there’s fucking. An orgasm pill isn’t even fucking. Not even close. There’s no emotion. Not even a frenzy. No desire. Just plonk, swallow, feel your orgasm splash and go on about your business.

This is one of the stupider ideas I’ve ever heard. Either I’m totally missing the tongue-in-cheek nature of some of the answers (I get it for others), or…. gosh, I don’t even know what to think.

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Whaaat?! And drive up the price of the RU486 pill? No way!

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Human beings are rewarded neurochemically for actual contact with other people. That’s why healthy people seek out sex, rather than just masturbate all the time. Unless this pill simulated that, it’d be pretty useless. And if it did, I wouldn’t want to touch it. I get tons of value from hanging out with people; I like sex, too. Having my brain reward me for both is pretty damn awesome.

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Yes I would still want sex. I like to feel him inside me, with or without orgasm, you can’t beat a nice big hard cock.

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@Dibley I think we need more women like you Dibley do you mind, sending a few women from your place to the U.S.?

Sophief's avatar

@Disaster_Porn Keep watching, they’ll pull me down for it. I like sex too much, so they say.

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The various vibrators are akin to the orgasm pill. Whenever, wherever and at what speed…just plug in or use batteries.

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An orgasm without a person is like cornflakes without the milk. (and sugar)


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@MrsDufresne: An orgasm without a person is difficult and possibly impossible. You need at least one. Certainly, two people are more fun (and in some cases – not mine – three, four or five, I am told).

It would be also like cornflakes without the cornflakes, it seems to me.

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” can’t beat a nice big hard cock.”

@Dibley: I’m fairly certain you can.

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@Dibley: Not only can you beat it…you can flog it, wax it, choke it, etc.

But I suspect you knew that. :^)

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@cprevite Ha, real good answer.

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I could “hit” it without a pill?

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

Flog, wax, choke…? I’ll take the pill thank you very much.

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Two words. Doctor Shoppping:)
—-apoligies to Dr C and Shilolo—

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i would have a mess in my pants all the time

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I imagine they would have to enforce some driving penalties.

Driving under the influence of orgasms, worse than texting and talking on the cell. lolol

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It wouldn’t change my life because I’d have no interest in a pill that could do that. Partnered sex and the orgasms I share from it is the height of pleasure for me, there is no substitute.

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