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New boyfriend's birthday is soon ... what to get him?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) March 15th, 2010

VERY new relationship (only a few weeks into it) and his birthday is next week. The only thing he has mentioned wanting is a new hat, and that seems too personal and impersonal at the same time (I’d buy it for him if I knew what he wanted exactly).

I found this cool poet who sits with an old school typewriter and writes personalized poems… So I got him the poem and I was thinking about putting it in a frame OR getting a frame and putting a picture of us in it. I was also planning on baking him a cake.

Any suggestions? Time is limited for sure, so keep that in mind!

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Cake is good, poem is good, but we need more info about the guy.
My advice: buy according to his hobbies.

And find the most ridiculous hat in the universe, and get him that.

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If its only a few weeks, I wouldn’t go all out. Unless the two of you have had some mind blowing moments and you’re certain of a long term relationship I’d say keep it simple. The poem is good. If he’s into that kind of stuff maybe a nice book? Write something nice on the inside cover, short, ambiguous, but hopeful. Guys like the chase.

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cook him dinner and cake…..then watch movies on the couch…and give him the poem in a frame.
unless you guys are 21, then go out and dance after dinner.

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No picture of each other!! The other stuff sounds good. If it was me I would consider the cake the gift.

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Well, you know what every guy would love…

A Play-Station 3.

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I agree with Bob, PS3.

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haha, thanks guys!

@Nullo : he’s older than me, turning 34, has two kids and works when he’s not with them! I was thinking about getting him Giants tickets since baseball season is about to start, but idkk. there is a crazy hat store not so far away, that sounds like a great idea!! maybe i’ll do the poem (as a card?), giants tickets, a crazy hat, and a cake.

The other issue is that he will be with his boys on his birthday, so i don’t think we’ll have alone time until the following week, and the night before (i’ll bake the cake for then!).

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Sounds like a lot for 2 weeks.

Side note: You know kids love PS3s too.

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if i go with baseball tickets, they range from like 5 bucks to 100… which ones are appropriate to get? as a side note, my birthday is coming up soon and i don’t want him to feel pressured into spending a lot of money on me

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If he said he wanted a hat, I don’t think he’d want a poem instead. Get him the hat, and maybe a matching jersey or shirt.
The PS3 costs $400+. They have only been dating a couple weeks

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With a PS3, you don’t spend a lot of money, you invest it.

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@Violet Yeah, I know, I was only joking.

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@Violet : the poem was something that we saw together, we happen have the same name and i thought the poet would do something cute with it. it’s more of a thoughtful little joke.

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If you cook/bake a guy food, he will love you forever. Maybe not forever, but trust me… if anyone baked me a cake or cooked me food for my birthday, they would get some serious loving.

I’m digging the picture of the two of you in a frame and also the poem. Can you find one of those picture frames that open up almost like a book (so it is really two frames in one) and put both the poem in on one side and the picture on the other – AND bake him cake? That would be my suggestion.

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You might consider including the kids in the cake-and-party. They’re not going to go away, after all (especially if the relationship goes long-term), and I’ve only met one kid who doesn’t like cake.
The little monster loves green beans, too. I warned his mom that he might actually be a Pod Person, but she dismissed the suggestion.

Baseball ticket prices correspond roughly to the distance from the field. It’s been years since I went to a Giants game, but I remember the cheap seats were reaaaaaly far away from the action. I suggest you shoot for whatever’s closest to $15.

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I’m with Nullo on this one. Even if they’re cheap-ish seats, its a great idea to involve the kids.

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All of those are amazing ideas, and if it were me receiving any of those gifts, I’d be more than happy. Do like 2 of those things and set the bar!

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Your really are a kindness girlfriend. But if i were you, i will putting a picture of us in it.

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@Samantha_Rae I am all for inside joke gifts. To avoid an awkward poem, maybe you could ask the poet that you’ve only been dating a couple weeks

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I agree with @faye, I think most blokes would consider a handmade cake as a gift…. perhaps you could bake one in the shape of a hat!

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Buy him the hat because that is what he said he wanted, get the poem and frame it, and make him a lovely meal with a cake and give him his gifts while having your meal.

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He said hat get him the hat and tape the poem inside. He will wear that hat a lot and think of you every time he wears it. Get the hat!

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ahhh….I am reallly not suer. But if you’ve been with him a little longer than lets say maybe 1 month, you should know what he likes. So i think you should buy him according to his hobbies he likes doing that you know.
p.s. cake and poem is good…maybe just have an alone time by yourselves at home ;)

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I would get him a gift certificate for a place to get the hat (shows you pay attention to what he says, lets him choose) and bake a cake. Maybe buy a pair of tickets to a Giants game. Don’t spend more than $75 – $100 on everything.

I personally would treat getting a poem written by someone other than the person who gave it to me as if it were a card, and probably throw it away. Framing it is kind of hokey.

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This happened to me when I was first dating my husband. People I worked with would not let me spend a lot on his birthday, because we had only been dating a few weeks when his birthday came around. I think they were right, although if you will enjoy the game also, even though it is a lot of money, it is like you are spending it on both of you and might be an exception.

I bought my husband (boyfriend at the time) a nice t-shirt and a small bottle of cologne. I think it came to $50 or $60 (I worked at the store so there was 20% off for my coworker discount, so the value was a little higher). The hat sounds good, if that is what he would like, I am always in favor of buying what someone wants. My husband at the time felt bad that my birthday had past just a few months before (before we started dating) thought it unfair that I would have to wait 8 months to get a birthday gift from him, and a week later he presented with a belated birthday gift.

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Get him the hat. It’s not as personal as a ring or as expensive as a next-gen console; even if he doesn’t like it, the fact that you listened to him will make the difference, it can either make things neutral in the relationship or it will make it even stronger showing that you pay attention to detail.

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Nothing says “I want a future with you” like a box of condoms.

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Beer and baseball. Srsly. Nobody doesn’t like a good baseball game.

Try buying the tickets from a dealer on Craigslist. You can get killer discounts that way. I got $80 tickets right on the visitor’s dugout for $25 last season.

The hat would be icing – but hats are a little yiffy. Does he want a baseball cap or a fishing hat? fitted hats or one-size with the velcro thing? What size if fitted? stuff like that.

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Give him chlamydia
these are the best gifts ever

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I agree with @Nullo buy him a ridiculously fun hat :)
The others sound good. I think the cake and the poem are great. I’d stop it there. I’m sure he’s going to be chuffed :)

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@Seek_Kolinahr A beer baseball hat! Perfect!! He can syphon two beers into his mouth at once with a little tweaking :)

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Here’s a poem! You can take credit and all:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you don’t like the poem
I’ll simply **** you

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If he really likes books, get him a set of personalized bookplates sometime.

@bob_ “Star you?”

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@SheWasAll_ Hahaha, the gift that keeps on giving :)

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