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What does it mean when a co-worker winks at you?

Asked by granny56 (15points) March 15th, 2010

Executive in my office has winked at me in passing a couple of different occasions. Is there a hidden meaning behind this?

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Could be just a way to say “hey”, could be that he wants in your pants.

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I love guys that wink. I have a real soft spot for that… but, some guys are just winkers, I’m not sure if it means anything at all. Hopefully, some guy on fluther who is a winker will be able to tell you if and when it really means something.

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I Wouldn’t read to far into it unless there was further flirtatiousness. I agree with lilly, some guys are winkers.

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Oh, oh, and it coud also be that stuff keeps getting in his eyes.

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Hey Lilly. ;)

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hey edman! Do I know you?

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I’m going for neurological disorder that causes eye twitching.

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Addendum: And some guys are just wankers. : )

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some people wink like a cheerful smile. yes, it could be a flirtatious thing. But it could be harmless joy. It all depends on the winker. Get to know them. Find out.

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Nope I’m new. Just a wink to a wink appreciator.

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@edmann13 Then welcome! If you’re a winker, then I already love you. :)

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Lots of people wink when making a joke. I do and for me it means ‘I made a joke’. So it may just be a habit of your co-worker’s. Or he may be a horny old goat.

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Poorly fitting contact lens?

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He has a nervous tic.

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A guy doesnt wink at another guy. And a business man doesn’t do anything on accident.

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hahaha im sorry I love my answer its just so true and it answers the question. He likes you. If you’re interested (you’re certainly curious) Wink back. Then next time, you’ll wave at each other. Then you’ll smile. Then youll talk. And the rest is history!

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Is he winking at other ladies who work there or is it just at you ?

If you’re not sure, discreetly as around.

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It could mean anything from, I got a dust in my eye, or a nervous tick, or that was a daring outfit your wearing or I think your hot, or just good morning. Take your pick.

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I think it’s just a way to say hi, maybe flirting but don’t take it too personal. Or sometime else he has in mind. If I were you I would just do the same and just wait and see where its heards to.

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I can mean anything from a harmless, hey, it’s great to have you on the team all the way beyond flirting i.e. sexual interest.

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It could mean anything.

I knew my boyfriend was interested in me years ago because of a wink.
Then his dad winked at me the first time I met him.
So yeah… could mean anything. ;)

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I’m a winker and I’m female. If I wink at you, it would mean I just read your mind,and we are in agreement about something going on around us. Or,it could mean I’m signaling you that I’m pulling your leg about something I just said.

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Turrets syndrome

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My boss winks at people quite a lot. For him, it seems to be a way of saying hello and I have never felt uncomfortable by it or thought there was any other meaning. However, it does depend on the type of person because I can think of some people who have made me feel uncomfortable by winking at me.

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Maybe, maybe not. Some people are just winkers.

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