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Great movies/tv shows about time travel?

Asked by brownlemur (4081points) March 6th, 2008

I love films about time travel (Back to the Future, Donnie Darko, etc), and I have recently become addicted to Doctor Who. What are some others or some of your favorite shows and films about time travel?

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Idiocracy! (the name is really fitting, and it’s loosely based on time travel).

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Finney’s…Time After Time
I think it was Finney (sp)...

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Its Time and Again, and its a book.

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Philidelphia Experiment

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Quantum Leap!!!!!!!!

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Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure…. hellllloooooo

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As ezraglenn sayid Finney’s book is Time and Again and it is really a delightful read.
Try to find a hard copy of the book, not a paperback, so you can see the illustrations and photographs full-size. They really add to the enjoyment of the book. It came out around 1971 or so and I was attending school in Manhattan and knew most of the sites that Finney uses in the book. A key setting in the book is the Dakota, the same apartment building where John Lennon was shot and that was an integral part of the movie “Rosemary’s Baby”.

Finney wrote another book of short stories, more like vignettes, that deal with time travel also that is worth a look. The name escapes me, was it Forgotten Time?

Another book of his was called “The Woodrow Wilson Dime”. The premise of this book was that there are parallel universes and one can move inadvertently from one universe to another one. They are similar in nature and differ only in the way things have evolved, hence Woodrow Wilson on the Dime and President John C. Hufnagel on the twenty dollar bill.

These will be harder to find than Time and Again but they are very easy, quick reads and are perfect material for the beach.

As to movies, I enjoyed Time After Time with Mary Steenburgen and Malcolm McDowell, circa 1979(?). Interesting story.

Of course there is The Time Machine, circa 1960 with Rod Taylor, but that movie while interesting really isn ‘t very good.


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the prestige

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Do yourself a favor and rent the first three seasons of “Lost”, then wait for the current season to go on DVD and rent (or buy, since you’ll probably have gone back to buy the other three =) ).... it’s a mind-freak show that really gets you wondering what the hell is going on. The time-travel aspect isn’t really explored until later on, but the evidence for it has been implanted in the show since the first episode, and their use of flashbacks to tell the story is nothing short of brilliant writing!

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I like movie that make me laugh or even cry at times. Christian, law, medical or action. No vulgar!

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@paulipaul – I love Lost, I’ve been watching it since the beginning. So good. And confusing.

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Heroes is fun if you digg time travel

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Time Tunnel – 1960s TV series
Buck Rogers
Quantum Leap
12 Monkeys

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