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Good physics games?

Asked by fortris (680points) March 6th, 2008

Anyone know any good physics games? Specificly like crayon physics.

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And world of goo is awesome. I remember playing the first thing when it came out.

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Look up Phun. While its not exactly a game it is fun (as the name implies :) ).

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@delirium: it isn’t even out yet!

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I got to play the free thing they had entered in a contest online ages ago. It was buggy at the time, but really quite fun. Made cute sounds too, if i recall.

It was called…. skyscraper of goo, or building…. tower of goo…. i think it was tower.

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geometry wars is like asteroids on crack. seriously check it out, it has black holes that bend the space time grid background kinda thing.

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Thanks for all answers! I tried phun and it was EXACTLY what I was going for. The only downside is no explosives :( so thanks neonez! As to world of goo, it isn’t out but I intend to check it out, and they did have a prototype version called tower of goo. As to geometry wars, great game but with little to do with physics. If anyone knows games like phun, send the link in an answer. Thanks again!

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