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What causes clumsiness? Is there a way to combat it?

Asked by nomtastic (931points) January 29th, 2007
i find that some days i have real coordination problems (spilling things, running into things, inability to throw a frisbee) and other days i'm fine (or better.) i don't think this is some sort of huge neurological problem, but i do wonder if there is a way to combat it.
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Do you wear glasses? Are you creative and thinking about a dozen interesting things at a time? (This is called a divergent personality.)
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Meditation breathing and some yoga can make you more centered, which might help. I have similar problems, but am a fascinating person so I live w. it :)
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i don't wear glasses. i do think i'm creative, but i'm markedly clumsier on certain days. also, i got a deep tissue massage yesterday - would this affect coordination?
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Probably not..just make you feel good. If you are really concerned, get yr Doc. to do some simple neurological tests. (Or a have a friend do it - follow a flashlight beam w. eyes, squeeze someone's fingers, etc).
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Do you wear Glasses? Have you had an eye test..bad eye sight is generally 70% of clumbsiness - the other 30% is genes...ok..I made that last part up..Get a Vision test.
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not a vision problem.
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could be stress...i find when i'm overworked/stressed out i am much more prone to being a klutz. which makes me more stressed out after i stub my toe or spill something. which means it goes on. i second the yoga/deep breathing idea.
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Well, I think that we have established that you DON'T wear glasses. How about sleep deprivation? Is clutziness worse on days when you haven't had enough sleep? Inability to concentrate happens when you aren't rested and that can lead to carelessness -walking into things, dropping things, forgetting things, locking keys in car, etc.
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I think you should learn to juggle, which won't necessarily fix your clumsiness, but will help you catch things you've knocked over before they hit the ground. Seriously, I think it can help coordination. Next, I would suggest some kind of movement based, possiby meditative form: contact improv, tai chi, authentic movement, meditative walking... I think these things can help you be more deliberate with your body.
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I have had the same problem all of my life! People who don't have this problem usually don't understand why this happens. My doctor told me it has something to do with the ability to be tuned into your body in relation to your physical "space." My trainer has helped me by working with balance exercises. My doctor says I must pay more attention to where my body is in relation to where the physical things around me are, i.e., train yourself to be aware that the coffee table is 1 foot in front of you. Train yourself to be aware that the dishwasher is open.
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Train yourself to stop making quick turns when you remember something in the other room that you just left. Essentially, we have to train ourselves to stop filling up our minds so full that we forget to watch out for those physical things around us, like door frames, dishwasher doors, steps down or up, etc.
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I can’t tell if you’re a man or a woman, but my mom swears she’s more clumsy around certain times of the month. Also, I find that I’m more clumsy if I’m on certain meds or if I’ve had too much caffeine. Try to keep track of these external things to figure out when it happens.

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