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Things we do for love: What’s the strangest, weirdest, funniest thing you’ve done for your partner, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, SO, or just for love itself?

Asked by Espiritus_Corvus (17232points) March 16th, 2010

We’ve all done some really crazy things for the ones we love. What are some of the crazy things that you’ve done?

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I put bunny ears and bunny nose on my Ford Explorer and picked my daughter up from high school one spring day last year. It was priceless! She tried to ignore me and all the kids were laughing. But I pulled up and said ’HOP IN!!’ I knew she would forgive me eventually and it was so fun!

For my husband on his 25th birthday, when he was still living at home – I sent 25 birthday cards. The mailman thought the person sending them was weird. His mother was not amused. Oh well!

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I went to my boyfriends house last week, and we were suppose to go out to dinner, but we couldn’t because I was dressed up in a chicken suite, because I wanted him to cook dinner, something he can’t do.

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Me and my ex’s first Valentine Day together. I gave her a lasagna tray.

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Once I bought leopard lingerie for love – shudders

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Well, I did propose marriage to Sherry right here on fluther. And, things have worked out very well. See ya…...Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther I just gave you a GQ and a GA. I had not seen that question before.

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I married him LOLL

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I am telling on my wife @Keysha (she is sitting beside me so knows I am doing so).

She met me online and drove to my house 4–5 months later to meet me. I know she is careful and would not have usually done such a thing. I have highway hypnosis very bad so she had to do the drive… it was a three state drive.

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@Arisztid how could I be afraid of the other half of my soul?

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@Arisztid @Keysha Aw jeez – that’s so nice!

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@janbb Thankyou. We have been sending people into a diabetic coma on our old site for years, now it is Fluther’s turn. :)

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“it was a three state drive.”

In what state was she living and in which one were living then?

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@Brian1946 She was, and still is, living in Michigan. I was living in Ohio and now we are together in Michigan. :)

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@Arisztid @Keysha <3 I want love in my life. It sounds great ;)

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@Brian1946 it was a 2 state drive, from Michigan to Ohio. About a 3 hour drive.

@stardust it took me 40 years to find mine, and was worth the wait.

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Thanks for the clarification.

I looked at a map after Aris answered me, and I thought that perhaps you also drove through Indiana or lived on the UP. ;-)

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I poured a handful of pop rocks in her mouth when she was blindfolded expecting something else…we laughed for at least 30 minutes…I still crack a smile thinking of that moment. ;)

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@Brian1946 Eh it was me forgetting how many States between. :P

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I started wearing a bikini bathing suit last year when he asked me to. Before then I’d not worn one in about 25yrs. Just bought me another one too :)

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