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Suggestions for finding a Roth IRA for S&P500 with lowest possible fees.

Asked by gorillapaws (22294points) March 16th, 2010

I’d like to start a Roth IRA and simply buy the S&P500 Index. My goal is to minimize management fees of both the IRA, and also the index fund. Any advice for finding the service with the lowest fees to do what I want would be greatly appreciated.

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Check out S&P 500 index fund. Fees are really low; just plug in money every month.

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Are you referring to the VFINX fund as having low expenses? or as having low fees for managing a Roth IRA (or both)? In other words, would it be better to buy VFINX with a TDAMERITRADE Roth IRA account, or a Roth IRA account than using or are those companies all more or-less the same in terms of the fees they charge to maintain your Roth IRA?

I just don’t want to get hit with inactivity fees, broker fees, broker-golfcourse membership fees, phase-of-the-moon change fees etc.

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Vanguard doesn’t charge for the greens fees.

Seriously, they have some of the lowest costs of any firm. You can buy the Roth and forget it, knowing you will make more of the money than you would with almost any other mutual fund company.

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@gorillapaws The main element is the low fees of VFINX (FYI, this is also what my Roth IRA is in—it’s a very smart idea).

As a brokerage company, too, Vanguard is solid, though that’s less important. At most, buying VFINX through eTrade or any other broker would incur you a small, one-time fee (which you wouldn’t get with Vanguard). All things being equal, seems worth just opening an account with Vanguard.

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