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How to fix corrupted FireFTP account information?

Asked by anartist (14781points) March 16th, 2010

I just exported all my FireFTP account info to install on another machine. It asked for a password. I did not know why so i did not enter one. I imported exported file on other machine again using no password. Both FireFTP installations hosed. FireFTP dysfunctional. I tried an uninstall and reinstall with no improvement. EEK!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

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The password being asked is probably for FireFTP to connect to your server. Servers do require password authentication for security purposes. In the past, you had probably entered a password and instructed your computer to save the login information for you on your profile. . . and you need Firefox installed on new machine to use FireFTP.

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I had all the passwords for each account—for each server —and now some are lost—but this was not that. A password was requested on the operation of exporting data—and on the operation of importing data.
I do have firefox—it seems more an issue of the files have been corrupted so that I no longer have the permission rights to upload the that server—and that applied to all the diffe3rent servers.
the files did something pecuiar—i was trying to overwrite an outdated site index file and I got a very peculiar error message—especially the syntax of the file name—

553 Could not create file.
: /./htdocs/index.html

it’s the ”:/./” that got me—like it was trying to access the root of the server but it was the same file I had always uploaded.

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Have you checked the things listed here yet—>

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Yes. Actually that was pretty skimpy. And no way to contact them to ask. Thanks anyway.

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