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Could you cope if your s/o was scared of the bugs you were?

Asked by Sophief (6671points) March 16th, 2010

I am really really scared of spiders. Luckily my man isn’t. So he gets them and puts them out. I don’t think I would be comfortable being with someone who is also scared.

I am asking this because last night I nearly touched a spider by accident, and I turned into a proper girl, screaming, crying. He came down and took it outside and poured me a big Bailey’s to calm me down.

What would you do if your s/o was also scared of things that you were?

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Hahahahahahahaha….. I nearly fell off my chair laughing :)

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Our house would probably be a lot more disgusting. :)

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Neither my boyfriend or I are bothered by bugs thankfully but if we were both scared of them then I can see how, every so often, it could cause little outbursts of panic!!! Just out of interest, why do the majority of people seem to be scared of spiders? I can understand if you live in a country where they could cause harm but in the UK they are pretty harmless and yet, most of my female friends shit themselves whenever they see one!

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My cat would have a lot of fun. He likes to stalk them and eat them. =)

My girlfriend freaks out when she sees a spider. I’m usually the one picking it up with a piece of paper and a glass and taking him outside.

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Well I guess it depends on how big your fear is. If it was paralyzing you would both just sit in a corner hiding.

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I’m sure I could if I had to, but now that I think of it, I think my boyfriend is scared of spiders and moths, so I guess I’ll see how it plays out.

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Well, my boyfriend is also freaked out by spiders they scare the hell out of me and when we ever see one, he looks at me like, “If you think I’m dealing with that, you’re crazy.” This has only happened a few times but I can get a hold of myself pretty well now. Honestly, my mother is the best person I know for dealing with spiders.

“Proper girl?” I don’t know a single man who isn’t freaked out by spiders and my mother is the only person I know who isn’t…

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I have really severe arachnophobia. If I see a spider larger than a nickel, I start shaking, sweating, hyperventilating, and sometimes crying if it’s big enough. It’s bad. And unfortunately, my most recent boyfriend was also very scared of spiders, as well as other insects that I’m afraid of. One evening I walked into my bathroom to see a HUGE centipede chilling out on the ceiling. Centipedes being one of the insects I’m afraid of, I naturally start freaking out and screaming for him to come kill it. He sees it, starts freaking out, and refuses to go near it. I am ABSOLUTELY NOT going near it, so I give him an ultimatum: either he kills it, or it’s going to chill in the bathroom until it decides to come down and crawl on us in our sleep. He couldn’t live with that possibility, so he gets a paper towel, climbs up on the toilet, and timidly tries to smack at the centipede. Instead of killing it, he makes it fall to the floor where it proceeds to run around and hide under my bathmat until I’m able to step on it. We broke up a few months later for unrelated reasons, but after that I vowed to never again date someone who couldn’t kill bugs for me. It’s non-negotiable.

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@Frankie Now thats a truely wonderful story, many thanks :)

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I’m perfectly fine with being the spider-remover in a relationship. Any ladies looking for a date? ~

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You know I would try to be all hard and bad ass about it…. but…inside Im scared like a little girl too…sad but true hahaha

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Ya both hold hands while standing on a table screaming.

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So let me get this straight: you wouldn’t be comfortable being with someone who’s also afraid of spiders?

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I’m the spider-getter in my relationship. My girlfriend will start screaming like she’s being mauled by a tiger, which nearly gives me a heart attack. She does this for lots of things. I’ll come in the room, panicked to find that there’s a spider, over 15 feet away from her, climbing up the opposite wall of the room.

I can’t imagine what it would be like if I was afraid of spiders. She’d probably go into shock before deciding to, say, remove it.

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I will say that even though spiders freak me out, I only have my really impressive freak outs when I’m alone. :)

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The relationship would be doomed.

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I’ve always thought about this. I’m deathly afraid of spiders and I’ve grown up having both of my parents not afraid of them, especially my dad. So I’ve always counted on them to get rid of them when necessary. My boyfriend is also not afraid of them. But what would I do if I was with someone who was also afraid of them? That would blow…

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@Leanne1986 I wish I was a lot less scared than I am. I don’t know why I am, think that just because my mum is and so I grew up watching her.

@jjmah My cat used to bring me live spiders, they thought it was fun also.

My boyfriends brother is a big man, and ex 40 Commando Marine, I once shouted him to deal with a spider and he was scared. Funny to see really.

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I am the spider squoosher for my wife and one of my exes.

My wife points at the wall, I squoosh, then threaten to wipe my hand on her blouse or something else.

I get the squirmy look of doom and wipe it on me.

My ex, when she was annoying me, got the whipe on her blouse, which resulted in her running around, waving her hands frantically, until she stripped whatever I had wiped my hand on hollering ARISZTIIIIIIIIIIIIIID (my middle name and what I go by).

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@Dibley I think that is the case with a lot of people to be honest.

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i can’t stand spiders. my fiance is expected to squash all of them, and he’ll chase the little monsters around until they’re dead. he does it with a heroic vengeance.

that aside, i have a motto i like to live by with relationships.

where one is weak, the other is strong, and vice versa. he has weaknesses, and i am strong in those areas, while he is strong in areas i am weak. it creates a very significant balance in our relationship.

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I have learned how to cope with my severe, irrational fear of spiders. It’s difficult for me, but I just force myself to ignore my aversion and act, if necessary. I usually try to mitigate it, by using a long handle duster device I purchased, just for handling spiders and webs.

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@Arisztid Now come clean… was it really just an excuse to get her to strip?

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There’s a lot of spiders getting squashed…I feel quite sorry for them.

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Neither of us are scared of any sort of bugs.

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