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How can we expect Aliens to land, and to get along with them, when we cannot even get along with ourselves?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30877points) March 16th, 2010

While walking with my dog through the neighborhood, we pass a house where we hear yelling and screaming of the worst sort. These folks are being very angry and disrespectful to one another. As we pass, they stop screaming and stare at Pitch and I walking by. One of them smiles and waves, as if to say, “Hello Friend”.

Despite that friendly gesture, I have no desire to meet or hang out with these folks. They certainly would be foolish to think that I could make all their problems disappear.

Is there any reason to believe that Extraterrestrial Aliens would be any different? Why would they make contact with us when all we do is kill each other?

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I think it’s safe to say the human response will be to shoot first and ask questions of whatever you can find afterward, all in the name of national security.

I do think it’s nice that one of your neighbors is friendly, though, even while in the middle of a fight.

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In all the movies about aliens landing, they have no interest in
settling in amongst us peacefully. They shake their heads at our primitivism and then eat us. Good idea?

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Right. Ready, Fire, Aim!

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Why would they make contact with us when all we do is kill each other?

How can you possibly say that? To negate the kind things millions of people have done because some other people kill, is foolish. I would say we are generally peaceful with outburst of war.

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Perhaps knowing that we are not alone in this big vast universe would encourage us all to be a little kinder to each other.

ha ha, yeah

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They’ll probably want to have sex with us…. at least, thats what I learnt from Star Trek

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We would just kick their ass and take their tin-foil hats ;)

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… did I miss a memo? Since when were we expecting that?

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They’d probably come to earth only to find themselves thinking oh I guess were not so different after all…..deng….

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You’re assuming that ‘aliens’ landing is in the realm of possibility.

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We do not. You do not. That is why we conceal our presence here.
You are a savage and warlike species. At any point in your history there was war and conflict on your planet. You have acquired nuclear weapons and a means to carry them into space. You are a threat local galactic security and thus must be quarantined, if not completely driven to extinction. I myself have petitioned the Galactic Security Council for a swift extinction of your species either by a species specific viral agent released into the atmosphere or by orbital bombardment with antimatter weapons.

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We can’t. We couldn’t accept them. We wouldn’t be able to understand that, if this was the case, maybe they aren’t hostile and don’t want to kill us. We’d kill them before we could find anything out, because we are somehow under the impression that we’re superior and everything else in the universe must be dangerous and out to get us. Anyhow, we’d never find out if something like that happened anyhow. The public as a whole wouldn’t be able to handle it.

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I’d shove their anal probes up their fucking arse pipes if they even looked like approaching me,damn doctors.Aliens? Not in any of our lifetimes thank fuck!

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No one would come this far if they didn’t intend to claim the resources. They probably wouldn’t even notice us. They’d see us as a kind of vermin. They might try to talk to us if we made enough trouble for them, but only to make us slaves, if they could.

Then they’d take what they wanted. More and more ships would come to take what they wanted. Some of those aliens on the ships would stay. They’d want us to do their dirty work for them. They would have no compunction about killing us if we didn’t obey. They wouldn’t see us as being on their level at all.

If they were really vindictive, then when they got what they wanted and decided to leave, they’d do a lot of gratuitous damage to the planet, like hoodlums. Getting along has nothing to do with it. Our internal squabbles would not even be noticed by them. Except maybe for one or two anthropologists who actually cared to get to know us.

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Only if you assume that they are like humans.

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After they saw what we did to Jesus, I doubt they’ll wanna visit haha.

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@ragingloli Nope. It has to do with economics and resources. Works for any species. It takes an enormous amount of resources to mount an interstellar expedition. You are probably taking a colony with you. You’re not going to go, unless you are damn sure you can get the resources you need when you get there. That means force.

People who believe in benevolent aliens are engaging in wishful thinking. The aliens will not save us. We are the only ones who can save ourselves.

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It’s a cookbook! It’s a cookbook!

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Sorry Aliens will never land here as Donald Trumps hair will keep scaring them away.

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I would hate it, but think about it—@RealEyesRealizeRealLies is right. What did we Americans do when Native Americans didn’t want to move? We sent them on the Trail of Tears. What did we do to African-Americans? We enslaved them. There are still Nazis around. I wouldn’t be surprised if aliens landed and people began declaring war.

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How do we know that our natural tendency for violence on a very violent planet would be a turn-off? How do we know violence and war aren’t norms in the rest of the Universe? How do we know aliens would be anywhere near similar enough to communicate with us?

There is no salvation from above – the aliens aren’t going to be something to save us with their better-ness.

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I’ve watched many hours of interviews and read many articles on this subject, apparently this is how it is…

The aliens are already here and have been here for a long long time. Their reasons to reveal themselves to humanity are small and reasons to stay hidden are large. there is one very large reason to reveal themselves but that time has not come yet But it doesn’t really matter to them whether we believe in them or not. Their interest in this planet is not slavery or harvesting resources, it’s protecting their own civilization from us. We’ve started to weaponize space, and to take our violence off our planet and into space is unacceptable.

My personal opinion on the subject is rather up in the air, there could be billions of civilizations throughout the universe, or we could be all alone. I like to think it’s somewhere in the middle. I like to entertain the idea of aliens and I choose not to be so close minded as to say: it’s outside the realm of possibility.

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Here we go: tin foil hat time!

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Why would they want our resources? they can mine the asteroid belt, they can mine mars, venus, mercury, they can mine the gas giants or stars for hydrogen/helium, and old stars for heavier elements. They have a whole galaxy and beyond of lifeless planets, planetoids and stars to mine for resources. There is no reason why they would concentrate on Earth for resources.

And why is it probable that they would bring a colony with them?
It is much more likely that the first thing they would send here are automated probes, followed by a small manned deep space recon mission.
Of course I assume that they have mastered faster than light travel, but I think that is a reasonable assumption.
One should not assume that aliens would be stuck at our level of technology, an assumption on which a large amount of arguments against ET visitors is based on. It is like a bunch of indians watching modern city’s for smoke signs, not seeing any and then concluding that they do not communicate. It is just silly.

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They want our Twizzlers and Count Chocula. They also come seasonally for the McRib. Try and mine for those on your asteroid belt.

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Many here have pointed out the horrible things humans have done to one another in the past and still do. I wonder though if there is not some cultural evolution going on. 200 or 300 years ago I don’t think people would have even understood terms like racism or bigotry (in the modern sense). It is fairly recent that slavery has been abolished, in principle at least. Concepts like humane treatment of animals and equal rights for women are also quite recent. I would like to believe that we are gradually becoming more humane. Maybe both we, eventually, and any aliens who visit will be of the Star Trek mindset of not interfering with civilizations on other planets.

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@ragingloli Of course I assume that they have mastered faster than light travel, but I think that is a reasonable assumption.

That’s what I said earlier. You’re engaging in wishful thinking. If you are assuming a universe where the physical laws of our universe don’t hold, you can make up anything you want.

I am assuming a colony ship that has spent centuries perhaps crossing the interstellar spaces. They are desperate for air, water, land and other resources. They have the weaponry that comes along with the ability to make a space craft capable of carrying many individuals and the resources they need to to survive the journey.

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If you are assuming a universe where the physical laws of our universe don’t hold
I am not. Faster-than-light travel is a theoretical possibility.Warp drive and wormholes, both possible under the theory of relativity.

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