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Spell lists for Spellbookmaster app (iphone)

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) March 16th, 2010

Because I’m a total nerd, I’ve been using the Spellbook Master application for my iphone. One of the features of this tool is that you can add spells to your archive from other sources online. My question is, does anyone else use this app and/or know of sites that offer spell lists for download? Thanks in advance!

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Personally – I feel DnD died when Wizards of the Coast bought it. It died with Gygax. It died a special kind of death with version 4. I’m a GURPS man now.
that’s all I know.

I still carry around a d20 if I need to make a surprise saving throw though.

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I am a new user to SpellbookMaster, but I love the possibilities! I’ve also downloaded the Mac application so I could arrange my custom spellbooks and enter my 2nd edition spells into.

I have not found any other sites where you can download other spellbooks.

A while back, I emailed the creator who said other users have asked about different spell collections. When I finally get the 2nd edition stuff completely entered, I plan on posting it somewhere for others to download. I just don’t know where yet. Maybe I can ask the app author to host it.

What are you specifically looking for? A different D&D version? A different system? Sometimes you can find an electronic file that could easily be shaped into the right form for importing into SpellbookMaster. Good luck, and let us know what you find!

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i too have been playing with spellbookmaster. it imports the d&d srd spells with no problem. but you are missing all the good spells from the dozens (hundreds) of other books out there. at the very least, i would like to have the spell compendium.

i have not found any files on the web despite some serious looking.

i have imported the “a” & “b” spells from the spell compendium using cut & paste from a pdf file. it is a lot of work. especially getting the paragraph marks correctly, as a copy from the pdf will put one at the end of each line.

hold off on starting this task until peter releases the 2.3 version of spellbookmaster as the current version does not import paragraph marks correctly.

good luck, and keep us informed !

- scott

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