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Medicare and Mobility chairs. What to do?

Asked by majorrich (14689points) March 16th, 2010

Interesting situation today. Medicare will buy a new mobility chair for me, but won’t buy batteries for my old one instead! I don’t mind getting a new chair, but it feels wasteful. Should I get a new chair, and buy batteries for the old one to donate to someone? Or is Medicare buying them a new one too? Maybe time for a battlebot!

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I’m sure there are people out there that don’t qualify for Medicare but don’t have the funds for the chair, donate.

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Donate the chair to a charity orgainization instead of a person, even without new battery. They can probably sell it and use the funds for their other endeavors.

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Get the new chair. You might consider keeping/storing the old one just in case something goes wrong, however, your best bet would be to donate it.

When my Father In Law passed on a couple of months ago, he had four different types of electronic wheel chairs, in addition to the one he used daily. He refused to part with any of them, even though the VA and medicare insisted on getting him a new one as his mobility decreased.

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Get a new chair. Donate the old one.

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Depending on your age and income, you have probably paid into Medicare enough money for the new chair and more. Take it. Donate the old one. The recipient will be grateful, and gratitude makes us all feel good about ourselves. Total win/win.

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@josie looks like the perfect solution to me. I was temporarily confined to one of them and was great to get rid of the electric chair and the wheel chair. I never want to be stuck like that again.

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