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Lately I have noticed when I eat salty foods, my face swells?

Asked by Just_Justine (6496points) March 16th, 2010

I hardly ever eat salt at all. In fact on most days I probably eat none. However if I do eat salty food, like tonight I am eating potato crisps, my eyes are swollen the next day. Is it because my body is not used to it? Or is it serious :(

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That could be a sign of renal problem. or maybe simply edema. . . . Idiopathic Edema is a common disorder that occurs almost exclusively in women. It is characterized by salt retention in the absence of heart, kidney, or liver disease. The swelling (edema) may be episodic or persistent. Swelling of the face, hands, and feet develops rapidly, frequently accompanied by headache, irritability, and depression. Weight gain also occurs.

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Allergy to something.

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Salt makes you retain water and will make you swell. It is dangerous if it causes your blood pressure to go up.
If I recall, you’re pretty young. It may not be an issue now but it could be an indication that it might be a problem when you get older.

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@Rarebear GA. I was thinking fluid retention but why the eyes. That sounds like it might be on track for some allergic reaction. Either way I would get it checked out sooner rather than later.

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Yes I was going to say that salt makes you retain water…I thought that was because it makes you thirsty too… maybe you just need to drink more water when eating salt? I am not a doctor though!!! :-)

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The salt crystals on the chips (crisps) aren’t moving, are they? (I wrote about this before: I once had some old potato chips with ‘moving salt crystals’; it too me a while to realize that those weren’t ‘salt crystals’.)

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MSG is also notorious for causing allergic reactions in people normal salt doesn’t effect at all. If you have a problem like that with normal salt, steer clear of MSG completely.. it sounds like you might have sodium sensitivity.

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Are you taking lithium?

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You should consult your doctor about this.
Even if I were an MD, which I am not, I could not offer medical advice without examining a patient and doing appropriate diagnostic tests.

I assume that with the NHS, you can see a doctor without grave financial concern?

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Drink water and no worries.

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Drink water to wash out the salt.

Salt makes any substance hypertonic. And nature wants balance, so it sends water to the salt, to make the salinity equal to it’s surroundings, (To balance it out, so everything can be “equally as salty as eachother”)

Drinking more water will help pass the salt.

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Seriously, it sounds like an allergy—I wasn’t kidding. If you’re allergic to something and your eyes swelled up it means you might have a risk of a serious reaction. @Dr_Lawrence is correct. Go see a doctor.

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….. well, there’s a lesson for you, keep clear of salty foods!

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Drink a lot of water, hydrate your body and consult your doctor if it does not get better.

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